Michael Moore Says Bernie Sanders Can Beat Him In A 100-Meter Dash After His Heart Attack

Nick Sherman Contributor
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Michael Moore made an appearance on C-SPAN Tuesday morning to discuss Democrats and the 2020 election.

Over the weekend, the famous documentary filmmaker attended a rally with Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and the Senator’s wife, Jane Sanders, where they discussed Sanders’ health.

Moore told C-SPAN that he told Senator Sanders, “I really think you can beat me in a 100-yard dash.”

“Now, of course, that’s not saying a lot.” Moore added, “I’m not worried about that at all,” in regards to Sander’s health.

Sander’s suffered a heart attack earlier in October while campaigning in Las Vegas. (RELATED: Bernie Sander’s Daughter-In-Law Passed Away Just Two Days After Being Diagnosed With Cancer)

While in the hospital, doctors placed two stents in one of his arteries, according to CNN.

The award-winning documentary filmmaker even claimed that Jane Sanders complained that “she can’t keep up with him” [Bernie] on their morning walks.

Moore had previously endorsed the Senator for president for the 2020 election last Friday on MSNBC.

He then pivoted saying, “When we talk about health, I’m less worried about Bernie’s health, and I’m much more worried about the health of the kids in Flint, Michigan, or the health of this planet, or the health of an unarmed black person, who’s sitting in their home.” (RELATED: Michael Moore Goes Off…On Democrats For Destroying Flint)

Moore ended by saying he’s only worried about the “heart attack Wall Street’s gonna have when he’s [Bernie Sanders] inaugurated President of The United States.” (RELATED: Bernie Sanders Explains Why He’s A Millionaire)