MSNBC Runs Head-Scratching Segment On Joel Stein’s ‘In Defense Of Elitism’ Book

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” closed out Wednesday’s show with a segment on author Joel Stein’s new book, “In Defense Of Elitism,” culminating in him calling hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough “the worst” for being so-called “boat elite.”

Stein kicked off the segment describing how he visited the “town in America with the highest percentage of Trump voters, and I thought I would teach them a lot and they would teach me a little.”

He also sought to answer a question from Mike Barnicle on why those people “feel such resentment toward people like us and where we like and how we make our living.” (RELATED: ‘NCIS’ Had More Total TV Viewers Than The Largest Democratic Debate Stage In History)


Later in the segment, Stein defended his anti-impeachment stance on the grounds that the concept is too high-brow for much of middle America to comprehend.

“It looks really elitist, and people really do not like elites right now,” he explained. “Impeachment looks like trickery. It’s a bunch of lawyers getting together and trying to use obscure parts of the Constitution, and then they go to the — I mean, stuff that I as an elitist love.” (RELATED: We Asked Every GOP Senator About Impeachment. Seven Ruled It Out.)

“It’s going to be ineffective and it’s going to look like — it’s going to look like political insider weaseling, instead of dealing with what the country wants to deal with… It makes the elitists look like they don’t care about anything but the machinations of government.”


Finally, Stein defined the two types of elites covered in his book: “the intellectual elite versus the boat elite, people who care about ideas versus people who care about money.”

Just after he claimed that “there’s nothing worse than someone that owns a boat,” Brzezinski piped up that she in fact had just been gifted one that she named, ‘Top of the Rock,'” to which Stein exclaimed, “you people are the worst.”