World Series TV Ratings Tank With Only 11.58 Million Viewers For Game 1, Lowest Since 2014

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The World Series TV ratings are in after the Nationals beat the Astros on Tuesday night in game one, and they’re not good.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the early numbers had 11.58 million viewers on Fox. That’s the lowest since 2014 and is down eight percent from last year.


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These numbers don’t add up to me at all. We’re talking about the Astros, a dominant team the past few years, against the Washington Nationals, who are the talk of the sport. (RELATED: This Houston Astros Hype Video Will Pump You Up For Game 1 Of The World Series)

How are the ratings this bad? Did America just stop loving baseball? Did the world turn upside down? With the Nats playing, I would have thought the numbers would be through the roof.

Apparently, I’m not as smart as I thought I was.

The numbers might get a slight bump when the final digits roll in, which generally happens, but it likely won’t be enough to save it from being the worst since 2014.

It’s honestly mind-boggling to me. As somebody in Washington D.C., people are excited. They’re amped. They’re ready to win.

Apparently, the rest of America just isn’t that interested.


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Just for reference, the Packers playing the Lions on “Monday Night Football” a week ago got more viewers than the World Series.

Not a great look when a week six “MNF” crushed the biggest event in the MLB.