Eddie Murphy Talks About His ‘Semi-Retired State’ And Having ‘No Schedule’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Eddie Murphy talked about his “semi-retired state” in his career and about how he loves having “no schedule.” But made it clear he’s not ready to walk away from the spotlight just yet.

“I still am in the semi-retired state,” the 58-year-old actor shared in an extended interview for the “Today” show, per Fox News in a piece published Friday. (RELATED: REPORT: Eddie Murphy In Talks Over $70 Million Standup Deal With Netflix)

“For maybe five or six years, I was on the couch, just doing nothing, and not planning and not trying to get anything,” he added. “I had things in development, but I just was doing nothing.”


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Murphy continued, “What I like to do more than anything is to not have a schedule and just be within earshot of my children. That’s my favorite dish.” (RELATED: ‘SNL’ Alum Rob Schneider: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Is Now Ruining The Joke)

But the “Coming To America” star made it clear he’s not retired yet and still wants to keep acting.

“I don’t want to say I’m retired like I won’t do anything,” the “Shrek” star explained. “If some great thing comes along, or if some great thing happens, some great director or some great idea, of course, I’ll make other movies.”


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At one point, he also talked about his early days as a stand-up comedian ahead of his return to the stage for a tour next year.

“Once I get my stand-up muscle back together, I’ll always do stand-up,” the “Saturday Night Live” star shared. “So, I’ll always have this thing to go do, but I’m never going to be doing it like I used to be all the time.”

“[I’m] busier than ever right now, but all this stuff leads to me being back on the couch with nothing to do,” Murphy said. “That’s the plan: Go do this little stuff, do these three movies, do ‘Saturday Night Live,’ do stand-up and then back to the couch.”