Women Who Confronted Harvey Weinstein At Artist Event Asked To ‘Shut Up’ And Leave

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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Disgraced entertainment mogul Harvey Weinstein was confronted by at least three women Wednesday night.

Weinstein, who has been accused of rape and sexual misconduct, attended an event put on by Actor’s Hour at a New York City bar where three women confronted him, according to a report published by The Hollywood Reporter. Witnesses at the event claimed the women were heckled by others at the show and asked to leave.

The women who confronted Weinstein included comedians Kelly Bachman, Amber Rollo and actress Zoe Stuckless. When Weinstein was recognized in the audience, the women “couldn’t sit there and let him laugh.” So, they spoke up.

“I was shocked to see him out, but not because I thought he would have shame, he is a sociopath and clearly has no shame. I’m shocked because he was invited to an event put on by and for artists,” Rollo tweeted Thursday following the events of the night. (RELATED: Comedian Caught On Camera Ripping Into Harvey Weinstein At Manhattan Event)

“Not only was he invited he was supported,” she added. “My friend and bad ass comedian @bellykachman was performing on the show and when she went after ‘Freddy Krueger’ SHE was booed and told to shut up.”

“Let me explain that one more time, an event that was supposed to support actors and artists invited a serial rapist who has ruined at least 87 actors lives and supported that monster over an actor in the room,” Rollo continued. “They supported HIM over all the actors in the room.”

A representative for Weinstein released the following statement to THR:

Harvey Weinstein was out with friends enjoying the music and trying to find some solace in his life that has been turned upside down. This scene was uncalled for, downright rude and an example of how due process today is being squashed by the public, trying to take it away in the courtroom too.

As an aside — Harvey in fact suggested the woman should be allowed to talk and ask him any questions. The venue’s personnel asked the woman to leave, not Harvey’s. I would just point out that he is being treated as if he has been convicted. Accusations are, in fact, not convictions. Due process is still the foundation of each and every one of our civil rights in this country. Please don’t lose sight of that definitive conviction when you write. Anyone should be allowed to be there if they are acting in accordance with the norms of the space. As for the name calling, it was 100 percent not anyone in HW’s employ and not someone speaking on HW’s behalf.