John Kennedy Fact Checks CNN’s Jake Tapper On Republican Senate Closed Door Hearings: ‘They Are Dealing With Classified Information’

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Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy gave Jake Tapper an on-air fact check when the CNN anchor tried to compare closed-door hearings and depositions in the Republican controlled Senate to the ongoing House impeachment inquiry.

The discussion, which took place on Friday afternoon’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper” on CNN, featured Kennedy taking particular issue – as many Republicans, including President Donald Trump, have – with the current closed-door aspect of the Democratic-led House inquiry.

Tapper pushed back with a clip of former Texas Congressman Trey Gowdy saying private hearings were “much more constructive,” forcing Kennedy to disagree with Gowdy. But when the CNN host moved to an example from the Senate, the Louisiana senator had a quick response.


“But the Senate intelligence committee, run by your colleague Republican Senator Richard Burr, also has a great many hearings and depositions completely in private,” Tapper said. “Completely in private.”

“That’s true,” Kennedy nodded. “That’s true.”

“And Democrats are allowed to participate …” Tapper continued.

“That is classified information,” Kennedy interrupted. “They are dealing with classified information.”

“Not everything,” said the CNN anchor. (RELATED: ‘It’s A Disgrace’: Donald Trump Jr. Blasts ‘Shifty Schiff’ And His ‘Banana Republic’-Style Impeachment Inquiry)

“Almost all of it is,” said Kennedy. “There is no classified information here.”