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The acoustic guitar remains a classic, all-American musical instrument. Whether you’re a pro or a novice, you want a quality instrument that give you a great sound no matter what you’re strumming. We at the Daily Dealer have been looking around for the best guitars you can buy at a relatively inexpensive price point, and after doing our research we’ve decided on five great six-strings we think you should take a look at. There are also a couple few more options on MusicCritic if you are looking for cheap yet great sounding acoustic guitars. To help you get a bargain that is of some real value, they have reviewed the 7 of the best. Happy shopping and happy strumming!

Fun For All Ages: 

Photo from Amazon.com

Photo from Amazon.com

Yamaha FS800

The Yamaha FS800, available for only $200, has a clean, traditional look and quality sound for both beginners and more advanced players, and for whatever genre of music you plan on rocking out to. It’s a relatively lithe instrument, but its slender design does not come at the price of a solid, built-to-last, balanced feel.

One reviewer highlights the above point and expands on it: “I got this guitar just a couple months ago, not knowing much about guitars and not really knowing much about quality or anything I did a lot of research about what would be the best purchase for the right price for a beginner guitarist.. and I stumbled upon the Yamaha FG700, Fantastic reviews and ratings for beginners with great overall quality and overall sound, especially for the cost. I did a bit more research, comparing instruments and what not just to be sure I didn’t purchase something that was made out of cardboard and shoe strings when I stumbled upon the Yamaha FG800, which was said to be the upgrade of the 700. I did some reading and though it didn’t have as many reviews it was said to have improved sound and durability for the exact same price. Knowing that Yamaha has pretty much always been rather good quality I trusted my instinct and bought this guitar.. It sounds spectacular, easy to play and learn on.. Been playing for a month and already have two songs memorized of my own choice and taste. I don’t know much about guitars but I will tell anyone who cares and is reading this review that it was a good buy and a good experience, no complaints, it sounds beautiful and looks just as beautiful in my eyes. 5 stars and have recommended it to others vocally as well.”

Another reviewer had a similar sentiment” An entry level acoustic guitar, this is a very nice product. It both looks and sounds very nice. If you are a beginner, as I am, it is very important to have this guitar set up by a professional. The action from the factory is quite high and frustrating if you’re new to guitar. Lowering the bridge and filing the nut, in addition to new strings, completely changes it and makes it so much easier to play.”

Overall, most reviewers had positive things to say about this Amazon’s choice acoustic guitar. a solid low risk choice for guitarists of all levels.

Photo from Amazon.com

Photo from Amazon.com

Fender Newporter Player

This well-reviewed guitar comes from the well-regarded Fender brand, and it’s built with the famous Fender body shape. It has a solid spruce top for dynamic range and a beautiful walnut fingerboard. As a plus, it’s undeniably stylish, coming in a variety of colors.

One enthralled reviewer gave this guitar 5 stars out of 5, stating “Love this acoustic guitar! Have played it almost everyday since arrival on my doorstep. It has a cool style with Stratocaster headstock and matte black finish; has an easy to play neck and mid-size body. It has a solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides. Makes it sound very resonant with excellent mid-range tone. Put new phosphor bronze strings on it and it sounds amazing. Have several guitars in my collection and this is my current favorite! Very happy with this purchase. Also got a great price on this instrument because it was a used Amazon Warehouse Deal. With the new strings, it looks and plays like brand new! Also came with a high quality padded gig bag.”

Another reviewer summarizes exactly how I feel about this in stating “Can’t get much better at this price”. With multiple color options, the California Series offer an interesting ascetic to combine with great sound quality.

Support The Industry  

Photo from Amazon.com

Photo from Amazon.com

Orangewood Rey Grand Auditorium

You can buy this cutaway style acoustic guitar for $135. Made of gorgeous mahogany and equipped with Ernie Ball strings, it has both traditional beauty and excellent tone. And you can feel good buying it: for every ten guitars the company sells, one ukulele is donated to support music education.

On top of the charitable support, this guitar features balanced tone and construction. One reviewer notes that “the construction is fairly solid with a nice layered mahogany back and sides and a rosewood fret board, this thing looks like it can take a beating. I had no problem with it staying in tune. I love the look of this guitar, and it feels good in your hands. The tone is very well balanced, dark lows and the piercing highs cut through it for a perfect blend. These Ernie Ball strings are great. The gig bag is very well made it has good padding and plenty of space for the accessories. I spent a little extra for the accessories and I don’t regret it. It comes with an accurate digital tuner, good quality strap, sturdy capo, medium/hard picks, and string winder. If you’re a beginner/intermediate guitar player and wanna make a good investment, buy from this company, you won’t be disappointed. I’m very pleased with this guitar and I plan to buy a ukulele from them in the future.”

I thought the above review does a great job covering some of the positive qualities this guitar posses, but a more critical review felt the quality of this guitar was solid and had great accessories, but that at this price point, better guitars could be found. The charitable giving is a nice touch that even the more critical reviewer notes can’t be matched though, so if philanthropy and support for the music industry is of concern to you, this guitar may be worth it.

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