Sinkhole Swallows Bus In Downtown Pittsburgh

(Youtube screenshot/6abc Philadelphia)

Paulina Likos Contributor
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A giant sinkhole opened up Monday underneath a port authority city bus stopped at a red light causing the back half of the bus to fall into the massive hole in downtown Pittsburgh.

There were two people in the bus, the driver and one passenger when the bus fell into the hole. The passenger is being treated for minor injuries according to the Associated Press, the driver is unharmed. (RELATED: Woman Pulled Over For Traffic Stop, Pulls Tiny Alligator Out Of Her Pants)

Port authority tweeted an image showing the top half of the city bus tipped over. The sinkhole was 20 feet deep and authorities say the bus fell into major power lines that need to be turned off before removing the vehicle from the hole, as reported by CBS2 Pittsburgh. (RELATED: Just A Huge Sinkhole In A College Football Stadium)

According to Pittsburgh Public Safety, the Blue Kia Optima has been removed from the sinkhole and is being examined. 

The bus fell during rush hour and has impacted traffic and authorities are telling people to expect heavy delays for those attending the Steelers game in the evening, according to CBS2.