Have The Best Sleep Of Your Life With This Discounted Calm Embrace Weighted Blanket

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Thirty percent of Americans report they have a hard time falling and staying asleep. Poor sleep can lead to a stressed immune system, irritability, and trouble concentrating. The Calm Embrace 15 Lb Weighted Blanket is engineered to facilitate a deeper night’s rest than you thought possible. The blanket is almost half off the original price in the Daily Caller shop today.

The Calm Embrace 15 Lb Weighted Blanket uses deep pressure to produce brain chemicals that make you feel good and are sleep inducing. The weight is distributed evenly with glass beads, mini contour compartments, and lead-free nano bead that conform to your body. All the materials are lead-free and medical grade. The extra weight creates a downward push to relax your body mentally and physically. Avoid relying on possibly dangerous prescription sleep aids. You will fall asleep instantly instead of stressing about your to-do list.


Good sleep can mean the difference between a productive or terrible day. Save almost $100 on The Calm Embrace 15 Lb Weighted Blanket when you buy in the Daily Caller shop right now.

MSRP: $249 | Sale: $139 | Discount: 44%


The Calm Embrace 15 Lb Weighted Blanket – $139

Get it now for 44% off at $139

Prices are subject to change.

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