HILL: Democrats Push Proposal To Criminalize Anyone Who Disagrees With Gender Perversion

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Harlan Hill Contributor
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Conservatives have long warned Americans about the implications of the left’s ongoing cultural revolution. Those warnings are now becoming reality.

Early in her tenure, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ushered the Equality Act through the House of Representatives. The bill, which ostensibly extends previous civil rights protections to LGBTQ Americans, contains provisions for transgender ideology that defy belief.

Under the Equality Act, affirming that men and women are in fact different would constitute discrimination. By adding gender identity to the list of classes protected by anti-discrimination law, the Equality Act effectively criminalizes the belief that biological sex is not “fluid” or changeable.

That would have far-reaching negative consequences. Doctors who think that performing surgeries to “transition” men to women and vice-versa is a violation of their Hippocratic Oath would face legal repercussions. Schools that acknowledge the biological differences between boys and girls would face censure. Parents who refuse to give their children hormones to change their gender would be considered guilty of child abuse.

Although, the Equality Act was stopped by the Republican-held Senate, the Democrats are still lining up to promote this destructive agenda, making it abundantly clear that they’ll try again to impose it on the country as soon as they perceive an opportunity.

At a recent CNN town hall, aspiring 2020 presidential nominees took the stage to voice their support for the left’s gender delusion. Several Democrats promised to appoint a Secretary of Education who would enforce the Equality Act in schools nationwide. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren even insisted that “gender reassignment surgery” should be covered by government health insurance.

That’s not just empty rhetoric — we are already starting to see the real-world implications of the left’s ideological commitment to transgenderism.

In a recent custody case, a Dallas jury gave full custody of a 7-year-old boy to his mother, who insists that her son is in fact a girl and wishes to “treat” him with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones despite the father’s vehement objections.

Any neutral observer would view this as a clear-cut case of child abuse, given that the mother was seeking to make a life-altering decision for a child who isn’t old enough to comprehend its long-term consequences. Thankfully, the judge overruled the jury by awarding joint-custody to both parents.

If the Equality Act were signed into law or any Democrat were elected president, however, the father in this case would undoubtedly be subjected to an investigation by Child Protective Services, since denying the “chosen” gender identity of his son would constitute an act of discrimination.

That’s the Orwellian reality that Democrats are trying to create, and the only ones truly standing in their way are President Trump and congressional Republicans. The travesty that was narrowly averted in Texas underscores just how close we’ve already come to the precipice.

Harlan Hill is president of the Logan Circle Group and an advisory board member for the Trump-Pence 2020 re-election campaign.

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