REVIEW: ‘SEAL Team’ Channels Benghazi In Latest Episode ‘All Along the Watchtower: Part 1’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The latest episode of “SEAL Team” was absolutely awesome in “All Along the Watchtower: Part 1.”


I can’t believe how solid of an episode the latest one was. The concept was very simple. Ray and Clay are sent as an advance team to protect the ambassador in Yemen at a temporary diplomatic outpost.

Jason and the rest of Bravo are coming afterwards as the rest of her security detail. Eventually, a gunfight breaks out against a much larger force and they’re heavily outnumbered. (REVIEW: Bravo Sees Major Changes In ‘SEAL Team‘ Episode ‘The Strength Of The Wolf)

Does that sound familiar? It should. It’s very similar to what happened in Benghazi in 2012 when Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed.

With Clay and Ray on the ground, they attempt to prepare to evacuate as the rest of Bravo fights their way to the compound.


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With the ambassador idealistic and optimistic, she wants to meet with tribal leaders to try to put an end to the violence. Naturally, Ray shuts that down immediately.

Jason, Sonny, and the rest of Bravo arrive ready to evacuate and fight their way to the airport if necessary. However, as they prepare to get into the vehicles, mortars take them out.

Now, Bravo is stuck in the compound, outnumbered, outgunned and in a massive fight for their lives.

The elements that are straight out of Benghazi are obvious, and it makes for a very compelling storyline. There’s nothing like being outnumbered and in a massive gunfight to get the blood pumping.

All of Bravo is now locked, cocked, and ready to rock as their chances seem dim. If that doesn’t have you pumped for the next episode of “SEAL Team,” then I question whether or not you know good TV when you see it.


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Outside of the fight in Yemen, Clay and the new guy Vic really don’t like each other so far. He’s not Clay’s guy and it should be interesting to see if he warms up to the newest member of Bravo.

In a pretty cool moment of the episode, it’s revealed Natalie is a former Wisconsin hockey player. That’s the kind of character background that I’m all in on!

Go, Badgers, go!

Overall, it was another great episode of  “SEAL Team” as season three continues to absolutely crush it. Tune in Wednesday night for part two!

It should be absolutely excellent.