Demi Moore Says She Waited To Release Her Memoir Because Of Her Kids

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Actress Demi Moore admitted she would not have wanted to release her memoir any earlier than she did.

The actress claimed the revelations were “too complicated” for her children on an episode of Netflix’s “Present Company With Krista Smith,” according to a report published Friday by Page Six.

“There’s things in there … it’s not that I wanted to keep it from them or hide anything, it’s just stuff that you don’t necessarily, well, when they’re younger, want to bring forward,” Moore said.

“It would be either too complicated or inappropriate, and then there’s some stuff that you just don’t think about,” she added. “Then at the end of the book, there’s also some things that are reflective of a painful time in my life, but also of theirs.” (RELATED: Demi Moore Opens Up About Being Raped At Age 15)

In the book, “Inside Out,” Moore recalled a near-death experience she had back in 2012 following her split with Ashton Kutcher. The actress took a drug cocktail of nitrous oxide and synthetic pot and ended up in the hospital.

The memoir “brought us a greater opportunity to even heal on a deeper level with some of the stuff that had been happening, but in doing this it’s like remembering what’s my story, and what’s someone else’s,” Moore said.