REVIEW: ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Continues With Epic Episode ‘The Lady In White’

American Horror Story (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTM2IgVV1Zc)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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“American Horror Story: 1984” hit a home run with its seventh episode of season nine.


“The Lady in White” continued the extremely strong season, and we got some major developments with Mr. Jingles and Brooke.

First, Mr. Jingles childhood was an absolute train wreck, and now we know why he turned out to be so demented. As a young child, his brother was killed in a boating accident as Mr. Jingles snuck away to watch the lifeguards have sex. (REVIEW: ‘American Horror Story: 1984′ Throws Fans Major Twist In 100th Episode Of The Series)

It’s very reminiscent of the old “Friday the 13th film.” His mother (played by “AHS” legend Lily Rabe) snaps, murders a bunch of people and then Mr. Jingles is eventually forced to kill her.

All things considered, Mr. Jingles’ storyline isn’t anything more than just sad. The man never had a chance. First, his brother died because of him, then he had to kill his own mother and then Margaret’s frame job turned him into an actual murderer.

Of all the ways to have bad luck, he’s the lottery winner for the worst run. In the closing moments of the episode, he commits suicide after speaking with the ghost of his mother. For reasons that aren’t crystal clear to me, this is somehow going to save his son.

Either way, he’s now a ghost forever at Camp Redwood.

As for Brooke, she’s alive thanks to Donna and comes across a serial killer played by fellow “AHS” legend Dylan McDermott.

After being given the choice of him shooting her in the head or dragging her tied up behind a truck to her death, Donna chooses to drive.

However, in a partial twist that wasn’t all that unexpected, Brooke wiggles her way out of the jam, shoots the highway serial killer and cuts off his thumbs.

When given the chance to murder him, she chose to let him live. It’s another sign that Brooke is the true hero here, and she carries no evil in her heart, despite killing Montana in self-defense.

Now, everybody is at Camp Redwood. The only people alive are Brooke, Margaret and Trevor. Everybody else is haunting the grounds. It is unclear if Donna will join at some point, but Brooke ditched her at the end of this episode.

There’s a battle coming for sure. I just haven’t figured out who is siding with who just yet. Having said that, it’d be a major twist at this point if Brooke goes bad.

She’s way too good of a hero, and she’s already beaten death multiple times.

Tune in Wednesday for the next episode of “American Horror Story: 1984.” It should be great.