‘The Very Wrong Day’: Most Of ‘The View’ Blasts Katie Porter For Impeachment Vote In Costume


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic California Rep. Katie Porter showed up to work in a Halloween costume Thursday, and three out of four hosts on “The View” gave the move a metaphorical thumbs down Friday.


Joy Behar kicked off the segment by showing Porter as she voted on the long-awaited impeachment resolution dressed as Batgirl.

“So what do you think? Was this inappropriate or fun?” the host asked. (RELATED: ‘Excuse Me, I’m Not Finished’: Meghan McCain Draws Straight Line From Democrats’ New Witness To Tulsi Gabbard)

Sunny Hostin was the first to pan the move, saying, “I think it was completely inappropriate. I guess I’m a stick in the mud.”

“She tweeted out, ‘taking my work in Congress seriously doesn’t mean I take myself too seriously.’ She said to her kids, ‘I’m still just a mom,'” Hostin said. “I’m a mom too, but you can’t go to vote on impeachment in Congress and wear a Batgirl costume.”

“It was Halloween,” Behar protested.

“I wouldn’t wear that, and this was the big vote day,” Abby Huntsman added. “This was voting on the impeachment proceedings. If you want to be taken seriously as Democrats, why are you going to show up in that?”

“It’s not even as a Democrat. It’s as a politician. This is the workplace. There has to be a certain —” Hostin trailed off.

“It was one big joke. Why can’t she come in with one joke? Come on,” Behar said.

“She was 1 out of 435 dressed in costume, but, you know, things, we have to put them in context. I think yesterday [Thursday] was the very wrong day to come in in costume,” Ana Navarro added.

“You’re all such sticks in the mud,” Behar argued.

“Impeachment day, you have to have, I think, some gravitas and seriousness,” Navarro continued.

“I hate Halloween. Let’s start there,” Behar gave up. “Katie Porter is a fun congresswoman. She’s smart, and she has kids.”