Ship Stuck On Niagara Falls Rocks For More Than 100 Years Moves 150+ Meters During Strong Storm

(Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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An old cargo ship that has been stuck on the rocks on Niagara Falls for more than 100 years moved 150 or more feet during a strong storm and is now close to going over the falls.

The crazy wind and rain from a storm in the area on Halloween night allowed the 100-year-old ship to shift its position, according to Niagara Parks Commission senior manager of heritage Jim Hill, per ABC News in a piece published Monday. (RELATED: Here’s A Glorious Video Of Matthew Stafford Throwing 56 Touchdowns To Calvin Johnson)

Check out incredible video posted on YouTube of the enormous ship that became stuck in the famous location back in August 1918 when it broke loose from a towing tug. (RELATED: Patrick Mahomes Puts On Unreal Passing Display During Training Camp)


“It could be stuck there for days or it could be stuck there for years,” Hill explained. “It’s anyone’s guess.”

Due to the storm, the boat ended up flipping on its side, spun around and moved more than 150 meters down the river due to the fast moving currents. Officials say the ship is now a lot closer to possibly going right over the edge of the falls.

According to the report, the large iron barge, known as the Iron Scow, was used during the 18th and 19th century to to carry cargo in shallow water.