Leftist Media Outlets Falsely Claim Trump Failed To Recognize Native American History Month

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Numerous media outlets and personalities falsely claimed this week that President Donald Trump failed to recognize Native American Heritage Month, despite a presidential proclamation released last Thursday recognizing the event.

Critics pointed to another presidential proclamation released the same day, “Presidential Proclamation on National American History and Founders Month,” as proof that the president had forgotten or purposefully written over Native American history.

Linda Sarsour, the founder of the Women’s March who recently stepped down over concerns that the leadership of the organization is anti-Semitic, claimed the president was implementing a “white nationalist agenda” by not deeming November “Native American Heritage” month. (RELATED: One Of The Last Navajo Code Talkers Just Passed Away At 94)

“They think we are not paying attention as they implement their white nationalist agenda,” Sarsour wrote. “This administration just replaced Native American History Month with National American History and Founders Month. The erasure of our indigenous fam is outrageous.”

Simon Moya-Smith, a writer for NBC News, falsely claimed that Trump “reject[ed]” Native American Heritage month.

Raw Story, a leftist news website, similarly reported that Trump is “refusing to acknowledge Native American Heritage Month, instead of turning it to focus on the Pilgrims and the Natives they met upon arriving,” while Daily Kos asserted that the president went “full white nationalist” by recognizing the American founding instead of Native American history.

The Root dubbed the inaugural proclamation of American History and Founders Month an “All Lives Matter makeover.”

However, the White House issued a presidential proclamation honoring “National Native American Heritage Month” on October 31, the same day it announced “American History and Founders Month.”

The proclamation said the following:

American Indians and Alaska Natives continue to make immeasurable contributions to our Nation.  We honor the sacrifices many tribal citizens have made in defense of our great Nation.  We also recognize that our culture is more vibrant because of the special government-to-government relationship between the United States and Indian tribes.  During National Native American Heritage Month, we reaffirm our commitment to work with tribal communities to address serious issues affecting them and to help protect their rich and diverse heritage.

The White House even issued a press release announcing the proclamation on Thursday evening.

Some of the individuals who initially falsely claimed that the president did not recognize Native American Heritage Month later backtracked, instead insisting that their criticism was over the fact that the proclamation was not posted on the White House website immediately.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.