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Morning Mirror: Conservative Writer Stops Being Nice And Gets Real On A Plane

By The Daily Caller.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Ok taking another week off social media cuz last time I did it it felt so good, I know it’s annoying for me to tweet about it but I have to keep myself accountable. see u later, email me to get in touch xox.” 

Eve Peyser, freelance writer, bylines, NYT, New York, VICE.

MOOD: “Can everyone voting for Sean Spicer on #DWTS please fuck right off?” — Stuart Armstrong, viewer.

Kat Timpf gets blackballed for working for Fox News

“The people who pretend to be so tolerant and accepting are honestly the biggest bullies I have ever encountered. This is not a talking point, this is my experience. Tonight marks the 4th incident I’ve had where I was unwelcome somewhere because of where I work.” — Kat Timpf, contributor, Fox News, writer, National Review.

She won’t name names: “I do not mean unwelcome by the establishment. They were very kind, which is why I will not be naming any further details because I do not want retaliation but rather to make a point.”

Furthermore… “During this incident, like the others, the person with the issue was unable, when asked, to provide a single example of one of my exact views or actions or statements that he took issue with. Just my affiliation.”

She’s sick of this shit… “I am so sick of this shit I cannot even tell you anymore. You are not a hero for baselessly being an asshole to people whom you have never met, but also apparently do not even understand a single thing about.”

Anniversary of mom’s death… “A few hours from now is the 5th anniversary of my mom suddenly dying. That was painful & real & I’m still upset over it. That’s real shit, & most of us have gone through something real. Why can’t we recognize that when we see each other, instead of looking for a reason to hate?”

Who she actually voted for… “Also, for what it’s worth, I voted for Gary Johnson.”

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BIG LITTLE LIES: CNN Vs. Trump and the little red light 

8:03 p.m. Felicia Sonmez, WaPo: Trump claims the “red light just went off” on a CNN camera at his rally. CNN’s Anderson Cooper has been discussing Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony and was not airing the rally when Trump said this.

10:13 p.m. Daniel Dale, fact checker, CNN: “CNN doesn’t use visible ‘tally lights’ on its cameras at Trump rallies. Trump has no way of knowing from the stage if CNN is recording or not, or live or not. In summary, his “look I just saw CNN’s light go off” shtick continues to be a lie.”

10:24 p.m. Dale: Sometimes, like tonight, Trump does the “CNN’s light just went off” routine in a tone that at least sorta suggests comedy. Other times he really sells it as serious. Either way, please note that it is factually inaccurate!

10:29 p.m. Eddie Scarry, commentary writer, Washington Examiner: “Perfect example of how those stupid “1 billion lies since inauguration” tallies that the media love so much are ridiculously padded. This is a ‘lie’ the way ‘got your nose’ is a lie.”

Breitbart News‘ Texas Bureau Chief doubts marital bliss 

“Very few of the married people I’ve known came across as happy. Most ended up divorced and others ended up having their spouse demand most waking moments were spent doing things the other didn’t want to do. That sounds like a trapped feeling to me.” — Brandon Darby, Breitbart News.

Axios reporter zinged for using the word ‘savage’ 

Yes, Alexi McCammond is right, this is pretty stupid, even for Twitter. 

“This is a savage move. One of Tom Steyer’s campaign aides — who was previously the voter file manager at the S.C. Democratic Party — stole Kamala Harris’ SC 2020 volunteer data.” Read the story she linked to here.

“And one more time for the people in the back: ‘savage’ is not a good thing, esp. in this context. In what world would I endorse stealing data? Come onnnnn.”

“Y’all have soooo much time on your hands if you’re seriously upset about my use of ‘savage.’ give me a break! it’s twitter! we can be colloquial and better yet you can read the story & not just the tweet!!”

Rep. Matt Gaetz blasts Democrats

“What would the Democrats use to galvanize their movement if not impeachment? They haven’t done anything. This House Democratic group has issued more subpoenas than they have passed bills. Impeachment is the cop-out for their lack of an agenda.” — Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.). (RELATED: ‘The Ellen Show’s’ Producer Is At War With Matt Gaetz)

Bill Kristol on aging and politics  

“It’s said if you’re not a liberal when you’re twenty, you have no heart; if you’re not a conservative when you’re forty, you have no head. I’d add, at least in my case: If you’re not rethinking some conservative orthodoxies in your sixties, you haven’t been learning from life.” — Bill Kristol, editor-at-large, The Bulwark.

NewsBusters editor rips Ana Navarro Cárdenas

“Any CNNer who bringing [sic] on Ana Navarro and truly values her expertise shows they’re not serious.” Curtis Houck, managing editor, NewsBusters.

(Hopefully Grammar Police will get on him for this tweet.)

Travel Bitches: Conservative blogger puts his foot down on a plane 

Traveling/Vintage suitcase/Shutterstock.

“Flight from Baltimore to LA. Boarding number A4, so I had my pick of seats. Guy gets on in group C and asks if I would switch to an empty middle seat so that his wife can sit next to him. I say no. Question: Who is the jerk here — me for refusing or the guy for asking?”

He explained, “I was sitting in an aisle, by the way. And for the record, I’d definitely switch (and have) if a parent needs to sit next to a child. But switching so that two adults don’t have to be apart for a few hours? Nah.”

He explained further, “Moving from an aisle to a middle on a 6 hour flight is a relatively significant sacrifice, as these things go. Just didn’t see any reason to make that sacrifice.”

Matt Walsh, conservative writer, podcaster, blogger.

Gossip Roundup

ABC’s Amy Robach adamantly believes pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. See what else she has to say when Project Veritas catches her on hot mic. Here.

The Ellen Show‘s Andy Lassner opens up to Variety about his former alcohol, cocaine and heroin addictions. Interesting detail: When he helped launch The Rosie O’Donnell Show, Scope named Rosie one of the “least kissable” celebs — imagine that. So Listerine came calling and Lassner began drinking half a gallon a day. Ellen DeGeneres “affectionately” says he has the “maturity of a 10-year-old boy.” Here.

Spicy survives another week on “DWTS” and pisses off all the judges… “Guys get this going again for Spicy. The meltdown the Hollywood types keep having when he wins with your votes is soooo worth the time. Get on it!!!” — Donald Trump Jr. Jr.’s father, President Trump, also gave Sean Spicer a big plug and urged people to vote for his former press secretary. And indeed, after dancing terribly, or at least far worse than the other contestants and landing in last place, he moved on to the next round.

CNN’s biased media reporter Brian Stelter weighs in: “Sean Spicer just made it through to another week of “Dancing” — the other contestants looked shocked.” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Worries About Brian Stelter’s Hunger Pangs)

Andrea Ruth, associate editor, Arc Digital: “I said when this started that next season, viewer voting will be gone or severely scaled back in weighting who leaves. Sean Spicer seems like a really nice person, but he’s a terrible dancer.”

Larry O’Conner, radio host, WMAL: “Angry libs decrying the #DWTS popular vote and demanding some kind of fail-safe against the peoples’ voice may be @seanspicer’s single greatest contribution to the American discourse.”

If I have to hear one more woman… asked what she’d say to her younger self I’m going to be ill. What a dumb question. I think I’m going to start asking men this only because I’d like to see their reaction. Nonetheless, Natalia Brzezinski, sister to Mika Brzezinski, has decent thoughts on how to get away from your cell phone and how to get a peaceful night’s sleep. She says she doesn’t believe in “life hacks” and yet she has plenty of them, including the perfect tea to drink before heading to la la land. Here.

NYT writer can’t stop laughing at Louis C.K. jokes, but now he’s conflicted… Here.

Notorious journo hater Alec Baldwin sues guy who supposedly stole his parking space. Here.