Battle Of Midway Veterans Watching The New Movie Will Put Tears In Your Eyes

Battle of Midway Veterans (Credit: Screenshot/ YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7m7qRF1sS0&feature=youtu.be)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Veterans of the Battle of Midway had emotional reactions to the upcoming movie.

“Midway” is set to hit theaters Friday, and it will chronicle one of the biggest battles of World War II. The Japanese thought they were going to take it to us again after Pearl Harbor, but quickly learned America wasn’t bowing down to anybody. It turns out, our veterans don’t feel any differently decades later.

In a video released on YouTube Monday by 60 Second Docs, Edgar Fox, Jack Holder, Robert Taylor and Henry Kudzik recount their actions on that fateful day as they watch the new film “Midway.”

If there’s one video on the internet that causes you to be emotional today, I can promise you it’ll be this one. Watch the four brave American heroes discuss their actions below. (RELATED: Watching ‘Band Of Brothers‘ Never Gets Old. Here’s Why It’s Such A Great Series)

Excuse me while I go wipe my eyes for a brief moment. Damn, I just wasn’t ready to get hit with those kinds of emotions on this fine Tuesday morning.

Those four men are decades removed from one of the biggest battles in American war history, and they talk about it like it just happened yesterday.

For those of you who don’t know about the battle, the quick summary is the Japanese tried to land another massive blow after Pearl Harbor.

If they’d succeeded, the United States would have been in major trouble in the Pacific. Instead, we kicked their butt.

We owe a debt to the brave WWII veterans who answered the call to defend freedom and America. Make sure to check out the movie Nov. 8.