Report: Iran Held U.N. Inspector In ‘First Of Its Kind Incident’

REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi

Nick Sherman Contributor
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Iran allegedly held a nuclear investigator working with the United Nations nuclear watchdog in the Islamic Republic, according to Reuters.

Diplomats familiar with the situation told Reuters that Iran briefly held the inspector and apprehended her travel documents.

“The incident appears to be a first of its kind since Tehran’s landmark deal with major powers was struck in 2015,” Reuters reports. According to the unnamed diplomats, the incident took place sometime last week at an Iranian nuclear enrichment site. (RELATED: Iran Challenges US By Violating Nuclear Deal With Underground Uranium Program)

The incident is reported to be discussed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Thursday during their Board of Governors meeting.

The IAEA is an international organization that works within the United Nations consisting of 171 member nations, including the United States, and founded in 1957 to promote peaceful nuclear energy as well as safeguard against countries or actors who would use nuclear weapons for war.

IAEA trains inspectors to ensure nations don’t use their nuclear technology for warfare purposes and keep tabs on countries like Iran and North Korea. (RELATED: Iran Violated Nuclear Deal, Again)