Jeff Sessions Calls Out Senate Republicans For Not ‘Pushing Hard Enough To Advance The Trump Agenda’

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Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions followed his confirmation of entry into the Alabama Senate race by calling out Senate Republicans for “not pushing hard enough to advance” President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Appearing on Thursday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the former Alabama senator expressed no regret for his rocky tenure at the Department of Justice before expressing that he still has “something to give.”


“It was an honor to serve … it’s not my seat in the Senate, but I believe that I have something to give,” he said. “I have some convictions that I think need to be pushed. We need to get some Republicans moving. They haven’t been pushing hard enough to advance the Trump agenda. So that’s what I look forward to doing, and I think I can contribute to that.”

After Carlson played Sessions’ recently released campaign ad, the former attorney general reiterated his support for President Trump and his policies, particularly on immigration, trade, and foreign policy.

“I was the first Republican senator to endorse him,” said Sessions. “We pushed the immigration agenda, his trade agenda, and began to work for a more realistic foreign policy that does not get us in endless wars. I think he was right about all three of those. That’s where the American people are, and this Republican Congress, and the whole Congress needs to listen to that.” (RELATED: ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson Rocks The House At Louisiana MAGA Rally With This Simple Message)

Sessions described some Republican senators as “standoffish” on issues that represent “some change for the Republican establishment,” expressing his desire to “show who is for what” and “make them vote.”

The former attorney general also defended Trump on the impeachment issue, saying he “cannot see an impeachment case here.”

“The president has conducted himself in this matter within the law, and I don’t believe that there is anything close to an impeachment case,” he said.