Trump Jr. Promotes Book On ‘The View’ — Hosts Only Mention It To Accuse Him Of Trading On Presidency

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Donald Trump Jr. joined ABC’s “The View” to discuss his new book Thursday, and the show’s hosts only mentioned it to attack him and to suggest that he was trading on his father’s presidency for better sales.

Trump Jr., whose new book “Triggered” was released Tuesday, appeared on the show’s 5000th episode alongside his girlfriend, former Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle, in order to promote its release.

Abby Huntsman made the first mention of the book’s title, but she opted not to ask a question about it and instead immediately turned it into an attack on Trump Jr. (RELATED: ‘This Isn’t A MAGA Rally!’: Joy Behar Scolds Audience For Cheering Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle)

“We’re going to get to ‘Triggered,’ the book in a moment and your relationship, but you did something that triggered a lot of people yesterday, including myself by releasing the name of the whistle-blower,” Huntsman said before launching a series of questions about his decision to retweet a story that included the whistleblower’s name.


The second mention of the book came from Trump Jr. after he pointed out the fact that even while the hosts of “The View” were attacking him for repeating the whistleblower’s name, their parent company was working with CBS to oust the person they believed had leaked footage of ABC’s Amy Robach claiming that her Jeffrey Epstein bombshell story had been quashed by the network.

“ABC is right now chasing down a whistle-blower about all of the Epstein stuff because those stories were killed. If we’re going to have the conversation about the outrage about whistle-blowers — ” Trump Jr. said. “You work with them. That broke this morning.”

Then he brought up his book, adding, “It’s hypocrisy. A big part of why I wrote the book is because there’s so much hypocrisy out there. The mainstream media is left-leaning and I don’t think anybody doubted that for a long time, but they have gotten rid of the pretense of objectivity. We’re just going to be the marketing wing of the other side.”

Huntsman jumped in again, quickly changing the subject to attack President Donald Trump. “If you talk about hypocrisy, you seem fine with people leaking information if it makes you and your father look good because WikiLeaks — and Julian Assange is a cyberterrorist, right? I think a Russian puppet. You were fine promoting his stuff, and your dad praising him on the campaign trail. It makes you look good,” she said.


Sunny Hostin made the next mention of the book, noting that the president had tweeted about it and using that to argue that Trump Jr. was being hypocritical when he said that Hunter Biden had traded on the name and position of his father, former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Now recently you have been very outspoken about how Hunter Biden has benefitted from nepotism,” she began. “You said, ‘I wish my name was Hunter Biden. I could make millions off of my father’s presidency.’ And your father tweeted this. He said, encouraging people — your father encourages people to buy your book. I think that’s benefitting from your dad’s presidency, but not that my opinion matters, but let’s talk about 2020 because you talk about 2020 in your book.”

“Can I address the Biden thing?” Trump Jr. asked. “I get that I’m the son of a rich guy from New York. I understand that. My father has done a lot. You know, I have benefitted from that. The difference is we did that as a private company. When we got into international Politics, the second my father took, you know, won the presidency, he took no deals going forward. Hunter Biden utilized the presidency to end up on a board in Ukraine with a language he doesn’t speak. If I did that, you guys would lose your minds. Understandably, and you would not like it.”


The fourth and final mention of the book came just as the show ended. Goldberg said simply, “Thank you for coming. The new book, ‘Triggered’ is out now,” and the network cut to a commercial.