Trump Says ‘We’re Kicking Their Ass’ While Discussing Democrats’ Impeachment Inquiry


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President Donald Trump criticized House Democrats’ impeachment probe Friday at the White House, calling the whistleblower a “disgrace.” He also claimed that his administration is successfully fighting back against “corrupt” politicians such as Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff.

“Everything he wrote in that report almost was a lie,” the president told reporters. “My phone call was perfect. He made it sound bad. That’s why I had to release. So the whistleblower is a disgrace to our country. A disgrace.”

House Democrats officially launched an impeachment inquiry Oct. 31 related to Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky over the summer in which Trump mentioned Hunter Biden’s activities with a Ukrainian energy company. Democrats believe that he was engaging in a quid pro quo arrangement with the foreign leader when he also mentioned potential military aid. (RELATED: Have Democrats Poisoned The Well On Impeachment?)

Trump also continued his attacks on Schiff, and said that Democrats have denied him due process in the impeachment probe. (RELATED: Impeachment Proceedings Usually Move Swiftly, But Democrats Are Playing It Slow)


“Adam Schiff is a corrupt politician. He is corrupt. He made up a speech and he put my voice in it. He made up a speech. Had nothing to do with what I said. Adam Schiff is a corrupt politician,” Trump said. “That’s not giving us Due Process, not giving us lawyers, and despite all that we are kicking their ass.”

The president also accused the whistleblower’s lawyer of treason, referencing tweets where he vowed to “get rid” of Trump.

“And his lawyer, who said the worst thing possible two years ago, he should be sued,” Trump said. “And maybe for treason. Maybe for treason but he should be sued. His lawyer is a disgrace.”