Kevin Costner Discusses Why He Thinks ‘Yellowstone’ Has Become So Insanely Popular

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Kevin Costner opened up about why “Yellowstone” is so popular, and his comments were on point.

As you all know, I live for the hit Paramount Network show with Kevin Costner. It’s got everything I look for in a show. It’s got great action, awesome storylines, outstanding characters and it gives us something nothing else does on television. It sounds like Costner is very aware of these facts, and why people are so locked in. (REVIEW: ‘Yellowstone‘ Season 2 Finale ‘Sins Of The Father’ Ends With Death And Hope For The Future)


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The man playing John Dutton said the following during a special feature segment on the season two blu-ray, according to CinemaBlend.com on Wednesday:

When you combine story and drama – in this sense, hyper drama – set against the image of the American West, set against a lifestyle that’s still going on to this day, which is the harvesting of cattle, in places that are still pristine, still beautiful, and actually sit right on top of a great American tragedy in terms of history, the image of somebody making a living on a horse with the idea that almost everything he owns is on that horse, there’s something kind of free about it. People are drawn to that. And if you put a story inside that, you hear the heartbeat of a show that is catching the imagination of the people.

Costner really hit the nail on the head with his comments. The fact “Yellowstone” takes place in the American West out in Montana is truly one of the best aspects.

The setting is almost a character in and of itself. The landscape, the mountains, the open field and the reservation all combine to add another element you can’t find elsewhere on TV.

People are desperate for content like that because it’s a lifestyle they want to know about, but can’t find in reality. (RELATED: Filming On Season 3 Of ‘Yellowstone’ Has Officially Finished)


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Another great aspect of “Yellowstone” is the family element. Are the Duttons insanely dysfunctional? Yes, but they will also do whatever it takes to protect their land.

There’s something inherently American about that, and it resonates with the audience.


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There’s only devils left. #YellowstoneTV

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We now also know that season three of “Yellowstone” has finished filming, and it’ll return in 2020. I honestly can’t wait.

I need some new episodes like I need oxygen. Inject the Duttons crushing their enemies right into my veins! Keep checking back for more updates when we have them.

Season three should be electric.