Unfit To Print Episode 30: ABC Chooses Royal Interview Over Taking Down Pedophile Sex Ring

Daily Caller

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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ABC was exposed this week for killing a story about Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged pedophile ring, which anchor Amy Robach claimed was due to an upcoming interview the network had with the royal family.

Project Veritas released the clip this week that showed Robach lamenting the fact that the network apparently stopped her from reporting on Epstein and his ties to former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew. In the aftermath of the video’s release, ABC colluded with CBS to fire the employee they suspected of leaking it.


How many innocent young girls could have been abused by Epstein and his ilk between the time ABC killed the story and Epstein was finally arrested and indicted? (RELATED: Katie Pavlich Ties ABC’s Epstein Cover-Up To Clintons, Stephanopoulos)


In other news, the DC elitist media showed their complete inability to grapple with the fact that some people have different political views than them. Some of them had a complete meltdown when they saw Nationals players Kurt Suzuki and Ryan Zimmerman express support for President Donald Trump during the team’s visit to the White House.


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