Amy Klobuchar Has No Interest In Seeing Hunter Biden Testify In ‘Sham Investigation’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar told CNN’s Jake Tapper that she had no interest in seeing Hunter Biden testify before Congress with regard to his connection to Ukraine.

The 2020 presidential hopeful made an appearance Sunday on “State of the Union” and responded to calls from Republicans to have the son of former Vice President Joe Biden testify before several committees.


Tapper led off the interview with a question on impeachment, and the possibility that the younger Biden might be called to testify. “I want to ask you about impeachment. House Republicans are asking to call many of their own witnesses including Hunter Biden to testify in the impeachment inquiry probe. Would you be okay with Hunter Biden testifying?”

“Adam Schiff has said this, and that is what this is all about, which is a sham investigation that the president was trying to push,” Klobuchar said. “And for now the House simply is gathering relevant evidence about what the president did. That is what this is about.” (RELATED: Amy Klobuchar Suggests Buttigieg’s Rise Is Due To Sexism, Not Better Qualifications)

Klobuchar went on to dismiss Republican calls for the whistleblower to come forward and testify, saying that what was reportedly second-hand information was pointless when there was firsthand information available. “They now have firsthand information of diplomats, military people, others that actually heard these actions occur where the president was pushing for Ukraine to start an investigation against his political opponents in exchange for military assistance,” she added. “That is what all of this mounting evidence is showing.”

Making no direct mention of Biden, Klobuchar continued, “And that is why I would agree with Adam Schiff, why would you reveal the whistleblower when you’re supposed to have protections which Republican Senator Grassley is vehemently argued for, protections for this whistleblower?”

Tapper asked again, “So that is a no on Hunter Biden?”

“I see no reason why you would have Hunter Biden testify when from — all of the reports we’ve seen is this is not a valid investigation,” Klobuchar confirmed. “The president was messing around to try to get information against a political opponent.”