Report: U.N. Watchdog Confirms Iran Is Making Enriched Uranium

REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger

Nick Sherman Contributor
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A United Nations-affiliated nuclear watchdog, The International Atomic Energy Agency, confirmed in a confidential report that Iran is making enriched uranium, breaching the terms of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

The confidential IAEA report was distributed to member nations and was seen by the Associated Press on Monday.

This revelation comes after Iran held a U.N. nuclear inspector as well as several breaches by Iran to the Iran nuclear deal. (RELATED: Report: Iran Held U.N. Inspector In ‘First Of Its Kind Incident’)

The alleged IAEA report, as seen by AP, acknowledges claims made by the United States and Israel against Iran’s nuclear program as true.

Earlier in September, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke, accusing Iran of conducting a secret nuclear weapons program, as reported by the Guardian.

The Watchdog group claims that nuclear enrichment is occurring at a nuclear facility in Fordo, Iran, which is prohibited by the 2015 nuclear agreement. (RELATED: Report: Detained U.N. Inspector Proves Iran ‘Lied’ About Its Nuclear Weapons Program)

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran attributed that “the work at Fordo, the long-secret facility the West feared could be used to divert and rapidly enrich uranium to weapons-grade levels,” according to the Associated Press.

Fordo was initially supposed to be used as a nuclear research lab, however, “Iran resumed uranium enrichment at Fordo as it also broke other limits imposed by the 2015 nuclear deal that began to unravel after President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew America from the accord over a year ago.”

Now the nuclear facility at Fordo houses over 1,000 centrifuges as well as holding over 820 pounds of enriched uranium, as of November 3, 2019.

According to the report obtained by AP, the nuclear facility also has more enriched uranium than the deal previously allowed.