Adam Sandler’s Acting Professor Once Told Him He Should Quit Acting

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Film at Lincoln Center)

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Actor Adam Sandler was once told to quit acting.

Actor Brad Pitt and Sandler discussed the time the “Happy Gilmore” star was told to stop acting by an NYU professor during an appearance on “Actors On Actors,” according to a report published Tuesday by Variety.

“You were at NYU, and it was your acting coach, or acting professor, I believe,” Pitt said, recalling the story he once had heard. “He took you out for a beer and he kindly said to you, ‘Think about something else. Listen, you got heart, but you don’t have it. Choose another path.'”

Sandler confirmed the story and Pitt continued.

“There’s a second part to this story,” Pitt added. “This is why it’s my favorite Adam Sandler story and I think it says a lot about you.” (RELATED: Adam Sandler Brings Opera Man Back To ‘SNL,’ Takes Aim At 2020 Dems)

“You ran into him when you were getting the ultimate payday, you were with a bunch of friends. Anyone would think, that’s the opportunity to rub it in his face,” he continued. “Reportedly, what you did was, you said hi and you introduced him to your friends and you said, ‘This is the only teacher to ever buy me a beer.’ That’s the guy I know, and I think that’s why you’re here after all these years.”

Can you imagine a world where Sandler just decided to be an insurance salesman instead of acting? We wouldn’t have comedic gold such as “Happy Gilmore,” “Billy Madison” and “Just Go With It.”

Say what you want about Sandler, but he’s just good at what he does.