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Afternoon Mirror: Journo Accidentally Writes A Source To Say ‘I Love You’

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Quote of the Day:

“Good morning…I texted a source ‘I love you so much,’ by accident (meant to send it to one of my best friends.) So things are going really well over here…” 

Yashar Ali, elephant lover, New York Mag and HuffPost.

MOOD: “The first thing I did this morning was to check and see how Jimmy Carter was doing. I’m not that big into prayer, maybe because I’m saving it up for the important stuff, but I feel immense gratitude for his life and I want him to be well.” — Amy Dickinson, advice columnist, panelist, NPR.

CNN analyst has a big beef with Nikki Haley 

“Yesterday on NPR, Haley dismissed the many women with credible allegations of rape and sexual assault against Trump by saying she had never seen it personally and that Trump had been elected anyway. When people like Haley show you who they are, believe them. …Yesterday on NPR, Haley dismissed the many women with credible allegations of rape and sexual assault against Trump by saying she had never seen it personally and that Trump had been elected anyway. When people like Haley show you who they are, believe them.” — Susan Hennessey, CNN National Security and Legal Analyst.

Travel Bitches

Vintage suitcase/Shutterstock.

“Silent high five to the lovely man that just helped me bulldoze across the unexpectedly large Madrid airport to make a very (very) tight connection. Sorry if you were one of the folks we literally ran through. Hug.” — Megan Murphy, former editor, Bloomberg Businessweek. 

FNC’s Perino convinces Daily Beast reporter to watch El Chapo reality show

“The @DanaPerino Fox News show just did a segment warning of the potentially exploitative value of the El Chapo wife vh1 reality show and all it has done is convince me I need to watch this amazing sounding show.” — Asawin Suebsaeng, reporter, The Daily Beast.

Ana Navarro says Joe Biden reminds her of chicken soup

“Disagree with him all you want. Support him or don’t. But after 4 years of Trump rallies, watching this @JoeBiden‬⁩ townhall feels like chicken soup for the soul. The man is decent, authentic and gives a damn about other humans. How refreshing.” — Ana Navarro-Cárdenas, contributor, CNN, ABC’s “The View.”

The Daily Northwestern editor wants to get a few things off his chest 

Backstory: Read the pub’s apology here.

This is an excerpt of shit from Troy Closson I thought was most important or interesting… 

“Yesterday, @thedailynu published a statement on our coverage of the Jeff Sessions event and protests on campus last week and I wanted to address the concerns that everyone has shared on Twitter.”

“There’s a lot that I could talk about, but first want to say that we covered the protest to its full extent and stand by our reporting. Our statement addressed some legitimate areas of growth we noticed in our reporting, but also over-corrected in others.”

“One of the first things I was told when I came into this position was that I was the third black EIC in The Daily’s more than 135 years of publication. I knew that would come with a lot of pressure, but didn’t realize how much until over the past two weeks.”

“Know that our staff is doing the best we can to do our jobs as student journalists while working through gaps in knowledge about what student journalism consists of — and showing that we at least hear the real concerns from students.”

“I value the feedback provided in how to navigate situations like this in the future, and more than that, really appreciate everyone who reached out to just ask if I was OK.”

“The last thing I want to say is that I hope in providing critiques and feedback of our statement, you can direct that toward me. The other staff members whose names are on it don’t have the final say, I do. I can live with the consequences of that, but they shouldn’t have to.”

WaPo‘s Lois Romano goes easy on him… 

“Thanks for your candor. You must be under enormous pressure. But know that you all did your jobs. You can text sources & they can decline to speak. That’s journalism.”

Washington Examiner‘s Quin Hillyer is more pointed…

“Any nod toward giving students the supposed right to be coddled is beneath decent standards of journalism. The only thing to apologize for is the apology itself.”

Justin Green: “Still a little confused by the paper’s position here, but appreciate your leadership in personally owning it.”

Montel‘s flack Jonathan Franks (who must’ve used spell check): “Troy, I admire your candor and your drive to get the story right but I’m not sure what you’re apologizing for? No one has an expectation of privacy while exercising their #1a rights in public. If one doesn’t want to be photographed protesting perhaps one shouldn’t protest.”

David Heath, USA Today investigative journo: “Okay, but what’s wrong with taking photos of a public protest? What’s wrong with texting or calling sources? Why aren’t you standing behind your journalists?”

New York Mag’s Josh Barro: “What the fuck is this? …Someone needs to tell them they’re being absurd and clearly their parents and their professors aren’t going to do it.”

Mehdi Hasan, columnist, The Intercept: “To be clear, I’m not defending/excusing the student journal or their OTT editorial, I just find it convenient that high profile reporters have so much time, and outrage, for something so irrelevant, given the near-existential threat posed to them by the people in power right now.”

Gossip Roundup

Country club despicably sues its own waiter for being sloppy with wine. Yeah, he poured wine on a rich lady’s pricy purse. Is that a crime? The story unfortunately does not make it clear if the incident was accidental or intentional. Here.

Robert De Niro will receive lifetime achievement award. Here. (RELATED: De Niro Drops F-Bombs On CNN) …Host Brian Stelter pretends like he’s offended by it, being a Sunday morning and all, but later thanks him for the viral moment. (RELATED: Stelter Was Full Of B.S. When He Chided De Niro For F-Bomb)

ABC “The View” co-host Meghan McCain catches lots of crap on Veteran’s Day

But does she really need to pound this woman THREE times? (RELATED: Meghan McCain: ‘I Have Not Been Abducted By Aliens’)

@sherrilynn0420: “Sorry for her loss, but this is getting really old. Other people’s Father’s have died. They were important too.”

McCain: “I wouldn’t wish the past 2 years of my life on my worst enemy. I do the absolute best I can, under the insane circumstances of having my family disrespected and tarnished by the current president of the United States. Do not judge my grief, my pain, and my love for my family.”

McCain: “Everyones [sic] Father [sic] is important and I respect that. But mine just happened to be an American icon. He passed during a time in our country of deep divide. He represents to many the best of America. I honor him, love him, and talk about him. I do not deserve this unkind criticism.”

McCain: “You know what – this is deeply insensitive and I am sick of this garbage. Unlike everyone else’s Dad, I can’t leave my apartment to get a cup of coffee without someone wanting to talk about him or say something kind. The Pat Tillman award is an honor. It’s veteran’s day, be kind.”

Sean Spicer’s long goodbye on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ 

Note to readers: I must stress how annoying it is that CNN’s Brian Stelter refers to the show as just “Dancing.” While Stelter is apparently incapable of covering the ABC Jeffrey Weinstein scandal in any serious way, he can cover President Trump‘s pretty meaningless deletion of a tweet:

“After Spicer was voted off ‘Dancing,’ @realDonaldTrump deleted his 8:33pm tweet urging people to ‘vote for Sean.’ Trump had written, ‘He is a great and very loyal guy who is working very hard.’ Now he’s posted a new message: ‘A great try by @seanspicer. We are all proud of you!'”

Even Trump superfans Diamond and Silk are giving Stelter shit for this… “CNN Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter Is Hiding the ABC Epstein Scandal From Viewers.” Ahem, are they journalists now? Here.

The Wonderer: “I wonder if Trump’s gonna ask Erdogan to send his thugs down the block to Schiff’s impeachment hearing tomorrow.” — Matt Laslo, congressional reporter.

Judges finally boot Sean Spicer off the stage

For several weeks, he survived despite low scores.

“To everyone who has voted & supported me over the past 9 weeks on @DancingABC thank u from the bottom of my heart. I made it to the quarterfinals bc of your votes. I had a blast. Thank u to my family, the AMAZING @lindsayarnold – u are the best, & @JennaJohnson I appreciate u!”

WMAL’s Larry O’Conner: “Thank you, @seanspicer. That was a fun ride and it meant alot to so many of us. #DWTS”

President Trump: “A great try by @seanspicer. We are all proud of you!”

Spicer returned the love, writing, “Thank you @POTUS @realDonaldTrump I can’t begin to express how much your continued support has meant, especially during my time on @DancingABC.”