‘Die Hard’ Actor: Democrats Are ‘Gerrymandering The Population’ With Plans For Open Borders

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“Die Hard” actor Robert Davi accused Democrats of “gerrymandering the population” with policies that encourage and protect illegal immigrants.

Davi explained his position during a Tuesday evening interview with Fox Business host Trish Regan.


“Every single thing that they do,” Davi began. “The Democrats and the cabal of the GOP globalists, they’ve let down the American people for gerrymandering the population.” (RELATED: Fox Host Belts Out National Anthem That Will Bring Red, White And Blue Tears To Your Eyes)

Davi referenced the Immigration and Naturalization Act, passed by former President Lyndon B. Johnson and “argued by Teddy Kennedy,” saying that they had promised the law would not encourage further illegal immigration.

“This is what’s happening, it’s pure and simple,” Davi continued. “What they want to do is change the shape and the ideology of this nation by letting people in that have not been educated in the system. Trish, I was just in New York, I spoke to  immigrant cab drivers from Bangladesh to the Dominican Republic, guys that are working their butts off that have been here legally, and they’re angry.”