‘A Member Of The Church Of Partial-Birth Abortion’: Tucker Slams Speaker Pelosi

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Tucker Carlson criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for constantly invoking religion while supporting abortion rights.

Carlson made the comments during his Fox News show on Wednesday, during a conversation with Ohio Republican Rep. Brad Wenstrup. (RELATED: Republican Congressman Fires Back At Schiff Over Fabricated Summary Of Ukraine Call)


Carlson began by sharing video of Speaker Pelosi, speaking in the wake of the first televised impeachment hearing.

“So I am very prayerful, thoughtful and actually sad today that our country has to come to a place where the president doesn’t understand that Article Two doesn’t say he can do whatever he wants,” Pelosi said.

“A person of deep faith,” Carlson mocked Pelosi. “Member of the church of partial birth abortion, praying deeply. What do you make of that, her repeated professions of faith?”

“I think it’s part of her charade,” Wenstrup responded. “I think about that when she says a lot of things. That she always go back to this. She is giddy about this. She wanted this to happen. She called for this impeachment inquiry before we had the complaint.”

“That’s politics,” Carlson explained. “Why discredit Christianity along the way?”

“Well, I find her to be very hypocritical,” Wenstrup continued. “I am a Catholic. She claims to be a Catholic. I see her on Ash Wednesday with the ashes and I’m thinking — and then you want to kill babies in the womb.”