Poll: 50 Percent Support Impeachment Inquiry As Hearings Kick Off

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Justin Caruso Contributor
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A new poll from Politico/Morning Consult released Wednesday indicates that half of Americans support the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump as hearings are scheduled to begin.

The poll, which sampled 1,993 registered voters, shows that 50 percent of people support impeaching Trump, while 41 percent oppose.

Additionally, 49% support the House voting to impeach the president, and 48% of respondents further support the Senate voting to remove Trump from office. Additionally, the poll indicates that many Americans are unlikely to change their mind on impeachment despite what happens during the hearings.

A number of polls show that Americans are fiercely divided on the issue of impeachment, with slightly more Americans in favor of impeachment than against it.

People participate in a protest against U.S. President Donald Trump on November 11, 2019 in New York City. Both pro and anti Trump groups gathered near where President Trump will lay a wreath for Veterans Day in Madison Square Park. Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Trump’s polling numbers on his approval rating and 2020 chances haven’t been too strong either. (RELATED: Fox News Polls Show 49% Of Americans Want Impeachment, Democrats Beating Trump In General Election)

A poll released last week shows that former vice president Joe Biden is leading Trump by double-digits nationally. Even recent Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg is beating the president in a new poll.