Winter Is Coming: Be Prepared With The 5 Best Winter Boots For Men According To Reviewers

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Does preparing for winter give you the chills?  Scouring for the perfect jackets, pants, boots, hats, gloves, and anything else you may need for the upcoming winter months can be a daunting task.  Fortunately, we’ve done some of the research so you don’t have to.  Here’s a few of our top picks concerning men’s winter boots:

Our Top Pick

1. Muck Boot Arctic Sport Rubber High Performance Winter Boot

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This boot is one of my favorites.  From personal experience, I can safely assure you this is one of the best quality boots on the market.  Whether you’re working outside in harsh conditions or simply shoveling the snow in your driveway, this boot has got you covered.  This boot is made out of synthetic material and has sturdy rubber soles.  The top half of the boot is made out of neoprene, providing you with a waterproof and shock absorbent experience.  One unique feature of this boot is its ability to adjust to the shape of your foot in order to resist blistering and chafing.  The fleece lining and thermal foam inside the boot is very soft and allows you to keep warm in extreme temperatures up to -40 degrees.  If you buy this boot you won’t be disappointed.

Out of the 1,000 people who have rated this product, 80% of people have left five star ratings.  One customer has said, “I worked in shoe retail last year and they are a #1 seller for cold Maine winters for a reason. They are durable, rugged, extremely warm. We had a customer come in buying this Arctic Sport model that is warm to -40ºF and they were the only pair of boots he wore as he trekked across Alaska in the winter. They are completely water proof, the neoprene that the top is made out of is what scuba suits are made out of so it’s built with quality, and warmth in mind. Since they come in whole sizes and it’s always best to have at least a thumb’s width between the tip of the boot and the tip of your toes, with socks on.”  Another has stated, “wow, they are great! I went pheasant hunting and stumbled into some marsh, these boots are waterproof.”

You can get your very own Muck Boot Arctic Sport Rubber High Performance Winter Boot today for as little as $110!

The #1 Best Seller

2. Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot

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This waterproof, knee-high boot is made from synthetic rubber material to protect you from even the harshest of elements.  A useful feature of this boot is the adjustable nylon cuff at the top of the boot.  This will help keep out snow, rain, sleet, and any other undesirable precipitation.   The thermal guard removable liner, made from 100% recyclable material,  keeps the heat inside your boot.  The liner also wicks away any moisture to ensure your foot will stay dry and comfortable.  This boot insulates in even the most extreme temperatures of up to -40 degrees.  This product is perfect for those who enjoy being active in cold weather such as hunting, fishing, and so on.

This product received a majority of five star ratings.  Many of those who have purchased are highly satisfied.  One customer has said, “I have to be honest, my friend had bought these boots and recommend them to me. I jumped into them and plowed the driveway on the quad. I was sold at my fifth step out the door though. The lining on these boots really holds in the heat well. Never causing a sweat but just right. I’ve never felt more comfortable boots to be honest. Then again I’m use to having to tie my boots on. They’re full rubber and definitely waterproof as advertised. My dog for some reason loves to walk up the center of small creeks and streams. These boots allow me to follow right behind her. The tread pattern on the bottom doesn’t offer industry-leading grip but I have never once found myself slipping under any circumstances. The lashing at the neck of the boot offers the ability to tighten if needed but usally tucking in your jeans is all you need to do. They’re made of a softer rubber which doesn’t fatigue your feet and ankles when walking long distances. The lining inside is meant to hold the heat and keel your foot dry so these may not be the best boots for warm weather use. For anything you may need to do in the colder or mild seasons though look no further. These boots are absolutely worth the money. I still can’t believe I got everything I wanted in a pair of utility boots without spending an arm and a leg.”

Get these winter boots today for a mere $55! Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

A Fashionable Alternative

3. UGG Mens’ Butte Snow Boot

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UGG boots are always a hit simply due to the fact that their comfort is unmatched.  This UGG Men’s Butte Snow Boot is no exception.  Made out of 100% waterproof, synthetic cow leather and faux fur, the comfort of your feet will not be compromised if you choose to purchase this boot.  The synthetic sole of this boot assures that your feet will indeed stay dry in harsh climates.  The inside of this boot includes a wool lining that, quite literally, feels like you’re walking on a cloud.  The Vibram outsole of this boot is built to last, as the repeating lug pattern provides great amounts of traction on slippery terrain.

UGG never disappoints.  The Australian company received nearly a five star rating from nearly 80% of consumers regarding this boot.  Those who have bought this product have left sentiments such as, “I bought a few pair of UGG boots for my daughters so I never considered them when I wanted a pair of nice winter boots. But I have to say that the reviews that I searched on these boots were dead on. They are very stylish and fashionable as well as warm. Initially they felt stiff but once you wear them for a day they form and mold to your feet. The Vibram soles are light and very springy. They are exceptionally warm and the cold rating for these boots are -20 °C and waterproof so you will not feel the cold. The boots have a wool lining throughout the toe to the top. I’m very impressed with the UGG Butte Boot. They are a boot I feel I can walk in for long periods of time and not have tired feet. They fit true to size in my opinion as I wear a 12.”

As winter rapidly approaches, make sure you’re prepared.  Get these stylish yet functional boots for as little as $225!

A Lightweight Option

4. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Snow Boot

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The brand, Columbia, is known for they products’ extreme durability during inclement weather conditions.    The Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Snow Boot continues this trend.  This ankle-high boot is made of 100% imported leather and textile material and rubber soles.  An awesome feature of this boot is the Omni-Heat reflective lining with insulation.  The midsole of this boot is made from techlite lightweight material for long-lasting warmth and comfort.  The upper half of this boot is made from webbing, leather, nylon, and metal hardware.  If you’re an avid outdoorsman, you will definitely want to seriously consider these boots!

This Amazon Choice product received an average rating of 4.4/5 stars.  Out of the 990 reviews, one customer in particular has stated, “I bought these for a November cross country motorcycle ride and I must say they kept my feet at a reasonable temp the whole way, even through Nebraska which was in the teens at 70mph. I also wore these walking/hiking for 12 miles yesterday. They were more comfortable than I expected and my feet stayed relatively dry considering it was 40°.”  Another states, “if you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors or in seriously cold temperatures, winner is the Columbia Bugaboot Plus III Omni-Heat as the best choice for its mix of non-bulky insulation, full waterproofing, relative agility, and good overall traction. As soon as you put a heat-generating foot in these boots, the value of the metallic, heat-reflecting Omni-Heat layer becomes clear. It really does help keep your feet warmer without adding bulk, and in our experience it breathed well enough (that is, allowed water vapor to escape) I had no experience finding myself with sweaty feet, even when temperatures were closer to freezing than to the subzero lows these boots can handle. These boots fit true to size, with a normal-to-spacious toe box—there’s plenty of room for a wide foot or high-volume arch—and a heel that’s roomy but not sloppy. When combined with just the right amount of rocker (upturned toe), is a boot that feels both sturdy and supportive underfoot but also agile enough that you don’t feel as if you just clomped down from a spaceship.

Don’t let this opportunity slide by.  Be prepared for harsh conditions and get these boots today for as low as $99!

The Ultimate Hiking Boot

5. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

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Last, but certainly not least, the Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot is a great option for those who love hiking in cold weather.  Timberland’s unique style will turn heads.  This boot is made from 100% imported leather and rubber soles.  This boot has full-grain premium waterproof technology to assure you won’t be uncomfortable on long hikes in extreme conditions.  Worries of your boots rusting at the laces are eliminated thanks to Timberland’s rustproof technology.  Spending time outdoors in cold weather hiking trails can be a thrilling experience, but you need to make sure you’re equipped with the right materials.  These Timberland’s provide you with peace of mind knowing you’ll be doing what you love in footwear you can rely on.

This Amazon Choice product is attracting attention from those everywhere.  With a 67% five star rating, it is safe to say these boots seldom disappoint.  One customer has said, “I’m not exactly an expert on boots, this is the most I have ever spent on a pair of hiking boots, and I know they can run 4x the price of these easily. I used to buy nice work boots, and not have enough left over for nice hiking boots, so I either hiked in work boots, or bought $25-30 hiking boots. It was finally time for an upgrade. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had these now for a year or so, and have used them in every season. They have excelled. I’m not a long distance hiker, and that factors in. For fall and spring, these are brilliant all around. In winter they aren’t insulated, so you need really good socks. In summer, they aren’t very breathable, so again you need really good socks, and ample opportunity to take them off and cool your feet. I tend to do shorter hikes with heavier pack loads, for bushcraft camping. For the various on and off trail, wet and dry, rocky and muddy, infinitely varied conditions, there are none these haven’t been comfortable for. After all this use, they are just broken in really, no noticeable wear. This year I applied some sno-seal, and I’m very happy with how the leather has responded to it. I think these boots are going to last me at least a few more years, and even then it may just be a case of some new laces and insoles.”

Get your Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot today for as low as $73!

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