REVIEW: ‘The Sinner’ Season Two Is Excellent, But Not As Good As Season One

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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I finally banged out season two of “The Sinner” on Netflix, and it was great.

As you all know, I absolutely loved season one of the USA Network with Jessica Biel. Unfortunately, her character doesn’t appear at all in season two, but it’s still damn good. (REVIEW: ‘The Sinner’ Is One Of The Greatest Shows Ever Made)

Bill Pullman is back as detective Harry Ambrose to investigate the murder of two people by a young boy. I’m not going to give any spoilers here because if I say virtually anything at all, it could ruin the season for everybody who hasn’t seen it yet.

However, here’s what I will see. Season two is arguably darker than season one, and the ending isn’t nearly as positive.

At least, that’s how I viewed the final episode of season two. Harry finds himself going down a dark hole of mystery as the child who did the killing is tied to a commune.


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Nothing, and I mean nothing, is what it seems to be. There are just as many twists and turns as we got in season one, but there’s a much more present sense of dread.

Now, is it as good as season one? I’d have to say no. The second run of “The Sinner” is very solid. It’s outstanding, but it’s not as good as the season with Jessica Biel.

Now, there are a couple massive twists at the end just like the season with Biel. However, as I already said, there’s nothing positive about these twists.


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There is no optimism here. As they say, God left this place a long time ago. Having said that, you’re still absolutely going to want to watch season two of “The Sinner” on Netflix.

It’s worth every single second of your time!