‘Who Are Y’all Representing?’ Whoopi Blasts Republicans In Impeachment Hearings

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Whoopi Goldberg took issue with the Republicans who were present in Wednesday’s first public impeachment hearing, calling them out Thursday on “The View.”

Goldberg responded to several clips from Wednesday’s hearing by suggesting that anyone waiting for evidence that President Donald Trump had done something wrong should have seen it. “All I can recall the Republicans saying is, ‘We want to hear it. We want to see it.’ Okay. So now you’re hearing it, you’re seeing it,” she said. (RELATED: ‘We Never Went To Sleep!’ Whoopi Goldberg Launches Tirade Against ‘Ok Boomer’ Trend)

“You try to bully folks and try to take them down a little bit but you can’t do that to people who actually know how to do the job,” Goldberg continued. “I’m shocked that so many of the folks that are pushing back on this like you said, are not saying, ‘You know what? This was really reprehensible what he did. It was reprehensible. I agree with him on a lot of stuff, but you can’t do this.'”

Goldberg then appeared to be addressing the House Republicans directly as she added, “You’re not doing that. My question is, who are y’all representing? You’re not representing Republicans because real Republicans say, ‘Hey. That is not okay. Quid pro quo does not work for us constitutionally. It doesn’t work for us visually. It’s wrong.’ Real Republicans are saying that. These newfangled people who maybe ate some Republicans and took their faces or something … Because I don’t know what those folks are. I’ve never seen anything like this where I have begun to wonder about who they represent and what they’re doing.”

“They’re representing Trump. That’s who they’re representing, only him,” Joy Behar added. “They were talking to Trump. Jordan was talking to Trump. Nunes is talking to Trump, and that’s — for some reason, they’re part of his cult, I really don’t get it.”