Anchorage Experiences Record Heat And Snowfall In The Same Day

Shutterstock/Andriy Blokhin, Andrey_Popov

Kyle Hooten Contributor
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Anchorage, Alaska touched record numbers for both heat and snowfall in a single day.

The Alaskan city accumulated 8 inches of snow brought by quarter-size flakes just hours after experiencing 45 degree temperatures, Saturday. Anchorage has not seen such high temperatures on November 16 since 1967, and has never experienced so much snow on that day since the 1958 when the record was last set, reports the Anchorage Daily News.

While the official record breaking snowfall measurement was taken at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, some parts of the Anchorage area experienced significantly more precipitation. Eagle River, which lies about 20 miles northeast of the airport recorded over a foot of snow.

The unusual weather lead the Anchorage Police Department to issue a comically worded travel advisory as roads were enveloped by white out conditions. “Since it’s now a winter wonderland outside, please be extra careful on the roads,” the department warned. “The snow has finally arrived! Fashionably late? Yes. In great excess? Yes. Before everyone’s switched over to their winter tires? Probably.” (RELATED: Alaska Congressman Head-Butts Left-Wing Activists’ Camera)

Saturday’s strange day of weather comes after Anchorage has already experienced a shockingly warm October, reports the Anchorage Daily. While the city is usually blanketed with snow by Halloween, this year saw green grasses due to a stream of tropical air pushed in from the Pacific around Hawaii.