ESPN Releases Must-Watch Video On Ed Orgeron’s Rise To The Top Of College Football

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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ESPN released an incredible video of LSU football coach Ed Orgeron over the weekend.

Orgeron is currently sitting at the top of the college football world after smoking Alabama. He followed up that performance be taking it to Ole Miss after they fired him years ago. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

The man’s journey through college football has been an unreal roller coaster, and fans who have followed him know exactly what I’m talking about.

Watch the incredible video from ESPN chronicling his rise below.

Orgeron’s existence is a perfect example of why we love sports. I damn near teared up listening to him fight back his emotions when discussing not getting the USC job.

The man is just too real. There’s no show with him. Who Ed Orgeron appears to be, is exactly who he is behind closed doors.


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He’s a football man, and there’s no way around it. He’s currently coaching the top ranked team in America and is still torn up about getting passed over for the USC job.

Think about how hard that must have hit him with Sarkisian got it instead of him if it bothers him this much years later.

It doesn’t get much realer than Coach O.


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I don’t particularly care whether or not LSU is successful. I really don’t care much at all, but I do like Joe Burrow and Coach O.

Coach O is the type of guy I think most fathers would want their sons playing for. He’s a straight shooter, he keeps it real and he doesn’t hide who he is.

What more could you ask out of a leader of men?


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We’ll see how this shakes out down the stretch, but Coach O winning a national title would make one hell of a great “30 for 30.”