‘Go For A Walk’: Greg Gutfeld And CNN’s Oliver Darcy Lock Horns Over ‘The Five’ Impeachment Hearing Commentary

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld and CNN reporter Oliver Darcy mixed it up on Twitter after Darcy used the social network to lament the fact that Fox News went to “The Five” instead of the network’s “journalists” for commentary during a break in Tuesday’s impeachment hearings.

“Second set of impeachment hearings just went to recess,” Darcy tweeted. “Fox is not going to its journalists like Chris Wallace or @BretBaier for a summary on what happened. It instead goes to ‘The Five’ panel. @greggutfeld starts off commentary saying, ‘What a tremendous absolute waste of time.'”

“What an tremendous absolute waste of time for everybody who watches this,” Gutfeld said when his “Five” co-host Dana Perino asked for his take on the day’s proceedings. “This is not a hearing. It is a human resources meeting.”

Gutfeld went on to explain the similarities between the “tug-of-war” that occurs in the business world when a new boss takes over and what is taking place between President Donald Trump and career diplomats. (RELATED: Jesse Watters Puts Yovanovitch Firing In Stark Perspective: ‘Under Obama, Ambassadors Were Coming Back In Body Bags’)

“This is not impeachment,” he said. “This is what happens in the office. The irony is the people who work for a living aren’t here to watch this, to laugh at this. The media thinks this is important, because they’ve never been in a workplace situation. They’ve never managed anything. They’ve never been an incoming boss. So they’re tricked into thinking that this is something important when this is something that happens every single day in everyone’s business. It’s a freaking joke.”

“How do you really feel, Greg?” Perino joked.

Gutfeld later took to Twitter to tell Darcy how he really felt about the CNN reporter’s criticism:

Darcy replied to Gutfeld’s comment by wondering why Fox News was airing the hearings in the first place.