Not Every Nebraska Fan Was Happy With My Presence In Lincoln This Past Weekend For The Badgers Game

David Hookstead (Credit: David Hookstead)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It’s come to my attention that not all Nebraska fans were overly pleased with my presence in Lincoln from Friday to Sunday.

As everybody knows, I boarded a couple of planes and flew out to Cornhuskers territory this past weekend to watch my Badgers smack Nebraska. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

After months and months of trash talk between me and faithful supporters of the Big Red, it was time to show up and show out.

The Badgers walked out with a win, and all my past comments were immediately backed up and justified.

Not only that, but I showered fans of the Cornhuskers with praise following the game. I said they were the best fans I ever came across, that they bought me a ton of free beer and that I can’t wait to return the favor in Madison at some point in time.

So, I’m sure you can all imagine my shock when I discovered my presence at the game had become a Reddit thread on the Nebraska Cornhuskers subreddit. (RELATED: Nebraska Cornhuskers Fans Live Up To The Hype, Prove To Be The Classiest In The Sport)

I’m sad to inform you some of the comments weren’t overly nice. Below are some of the reactions:

  • Really wanted to beat them just to shut this dude up. He’s talked so much sh*t on Nebraska since the spring. Glad fans treated him well still though
  • This guy is a two-faced a**hole.
  • That guy is a douche though
  • I definitely care what a Daily Caller dipsh*t thinks.
  • Who cares? That guy sucks a**.

Seriously, this is where we’re at now Nebraska fans? You all were so gracious, welcoming, kind and awesome in person.

I had more free beer to drink than I could ever have dreamed of. You guys couldn’t have been better. Now, because some people are hiding behind computer screens, the trash talking is back on?

If that’s the way Nebraska fans want it, we can certainly take it there. I can promise you that much. I just gave you guys a little taste Saturday.

My football team showed up, we won, I drank your beer, partied with your people, dominated Lincoln in more ways than one and went home.

In my eyes, the war was over and won. Apparently, there’s a few more minor skirmishes that need to be finished.

I honestly thought one commenter put it very well when he wrote in part, “from what I hear this guy has hated on our team a lot, but he doesn’t hate the people. I think that’s important to distinguish. you can say whatever you want about the Huskers as a sports writer, I mean we do kinda suck and that’s not personal. But at least he acknowledges we are decent human beings.”

To all the people of Nebraska, I love you! You’re my kind of people. I’m willing to keep the trash talking on the teams where it belongs.

The war is over. It’s time to go home and remember that while we fight on the field, we share a shocking amount of things in common.

I have no urge to crush your program going forward. Let’s drink a few cold beers, lay down our arms, accept I won this round and we’ll go from there.