‘Every Single One Of The Witnesses Did Not Witness Anything’: Sarah Sanders Blows Holes In Impeachment Narrative

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders ripped into the impeachment narrative Monday evening during a segment with Fox News host Sean Hannity.


Sanders, who joined former CBS reporter Lara Logan on Hannity’s program, was responding to questions about the contrast between media coverage of former Vice President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s involvement with Ukrainian gas company Burisma and the coverage of President Donald Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“How does the corrupt media survive constantly with this double standard? It’s on a sickening level,” Hannity began.

“Well, as a professional journalist, I do my job the same as I have always done it,” Logan responded first. “Having firsthand sources and verifying information independently, those are the basics of independent, decent journalism. They don’t change. I was always confused about the dossier as a professional journalist. The sources in it were not firsthand.”

Logan went on to mention ABC’s reluctance to air the Jeffrey Epstein story, saying that it was a valid concern if they felt that they did not have enough verification to go forward. But she also pointed out that they appeared to have run with the dossier despite not having verification on that.

“It distorts journalism,” Logan added. “I have a lot of great colleagues and especially for the people in this country we lose when the media doesn’t do its job the way it is supposed to be done. That’s why I am taking heat and being honest about what I say. It’s not because I had a transformation and I have gone from being a liberal to a right-wing journalist. That’s what the propaganda wants you to believe. It hasn’t stuck to me because it’s just not true.”

“Can the media ever recover from the fake news that Donald Trump has tattooed onto their foreheads?” Hannity asked Sanders. (RELATED: Kellyanne Conway Runs Into Sarah Sanders During Media Gaggle, Makes Two-Word Russia Joke That Sent Her Rolling)

“Not if they continue on the path they are on. They don’t seem to learn their lesson. They continue to run these crazy stories without firsthand knowledge. Look at the impeachment whole sham we are in the middle of right now: Every single one of the witnesses did not witness anything,” Sanders replied. “It’s mind blowing to watch this unfold day after day.”

“You have this entire process full of people who never saw anything. Yet, we continue to go through this charade so they can attack the president. If the media doesn’t change and if Democrats don’t figure out how ridiculous they look, I think the president will skate into reelection,” Sanders concluded.