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Morning Mirror: Can ABC’s Chief Political Analyst Please Stop Telling Everyone How To Be More Enlightened?

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“FWIW if you’re my friend or even my acquaintance you may vent to me about literally anything any time you want. That’s it, bye!” 

Alexia LaFata, editor, New York Mag.

MOOD: “It’s bananas that being a ‘Never Trumper’ is now a normal thing to ask about. It used to mean a Republican who wouldn’t vote for this candidate, now it just means ‘traitor who does not offer proper submission to the Glittering Golden Poobah.'” — Emily Nussbaum, TV critic, The New Yorker.

Bill Kristol has harsh words for Stephanie Grisham

“Reminder: Stephanie Grisham does not work at Trump Tower as Donald Trump’s spokesperson. She does not work at RNC headquarters as the Republican Party’s spokesperdon. She works at the White House for the president of the United States—where she dishonors her position and herself.” — Bill Kristol, editor-at-large, The Bulwark. (RELATED: Matthew Dowd Should Stop Trying To Be Joel Osteen)


He’s the chief political analyst for ABC News. 

Last week:

This week:

“I know it is easy and satisfactory in the short run to namecall and insult and I have done it at times. It just isn’t helpful in the long term or to build a community of folks who can make the planet a more enlightened place. I am committed to trying each day to do better.” — Matthew Dowd.


“My hobby is missing men who won’t miss me until I no longer miss them.” — Yashar Ali, HuffPost, New York Mag. (RELATED: ABC Chief Political Analyst Insults GOP Congresswoman, Then Reminds Her How Much He Has Helped Women)

Journo misses #Fartgate 

“I can’t BELIEVE I somehow completely missed FARTGATE until RIGHT NOW, not ONE single person telephoned or texted me, I have NO more faith in my network, all my friends are hereby DUMPED, fuck literally ALL of you.” — Helen Rosner, The New Yorker. (RELATED: We Added Farts To Swalwell’s Impeachment Hearing. You’re Welcome.)

Speaking of which… 

“I’ve been on a train all day. And the only thing I’ve been wondering about for hours is if there’s been any additional reporting on the MSNBC fart?” — Andrew Kaczynski, CNN.

Gossip Roundup

George Conway‘s marriage to Kellyanne Conway must be going really well right about now: “This White House finds new ways to disgrace itself each and every day, often multiple times a day. It’s really the one thing it’s good at,” he wrote Tuesday on Twitter.

Eric Trump jokes about bro’s book. Here.

Fox News’s Bret Baier blocks Georgia lawmaker parody account

“Maybe it’s because they suck,” wrote Rep. Steven Smith, a parody account for the Georgia Republican’s account,after CNN’s Oliver Darcy wondered why Fox News wasn’t going directly to FNC’s journalists like Chris Wallace or Bret Baier for immediate analysis on the impeachment hearings.

Oliver Darcy’s remark: “Second set of impeachment hearings just went to recess. Fox is not going to its journalists like Chris Wallace or @BretBaier for a summary on what happened. It instead goes to ‘The Five’ panel. @greggutfeld starts off commentary saying, “What a tremendous absolute waste of time.”

FNC’s Greg Gutfeld replied, “You’ll get over it. Go for a walk.”

Shocking Vanity Fair headline: “Jim Jordan Trips Over His Asshole Trying To Malign Lt. Colonel Vindman” Here. (RELATED: Jim Jordan Unloads On Adam Schiff)

WaPo Tik Tok guy has fan who wants to wash his undies