Bryan Dean Wright: ‘Elizabeth Warren Is What You Get When A Party Throws Out Facts’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“Tucker Carlson Tonight” guest Bryan Dean Wright — a self-described Democrat — said Thursday that Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren was the result of a party that had abandoned facts.

Wright, a former CIA agent, argued that Warren was part of the move to drive the party so far left that more moderate Democrats were being left without a political home.

Carlson introduced Wright as he mentioned Warren’s plan to use taxpayer money to bring down walls at the U.S.-Mexico border, asking whether it made sense to support such a policy when illegal immigration was already a concern. (RELATED: Tulsi Gabbard Lays Into NYT, CNN, For Calling Her And Other Veterans ‘Traitors’)

“That doesn’t make sense,” Wright responded. “In fact, a week ago Barack Obama himself said it didn’t make any sense. He was meeting with a group of donors in D.C. and he said look, we don’t need to tell the American people we are going to destroy stuff and tear it down. Right? Elizabeth Warren must have heard him and been like, ‘hold my beer, we’re going to tear stuff down.'”

Wright continued in the same vein, adding, “This is what has become of the party. This is what you get by the way, Elizabeth Warren is what you get when a party throws out facts and throws out reasonable analysis and says to themselves, ‘let’s just stick with emotional flimflam arguments.'”

Wright cited a number of statistics with regard to the border and continued, “The border crisis is real. It is not manufactured. And despite what some people will say in the party, it is not because you are Nazi Americans that you want a border. You want to enforce it, right? But that’s where we are. So what unfortunately, what the American people have to choose from coming up in 2020 is a party that believes on one hand that we have, you know, national security, very important, Russians are bad. But, on another, actual borders shouldn’t matter at all.”