Chris Cuomo Called His Mom On Live TV And It Did Not Go Well

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo called his mother on live television to test whether President Donald Trump could be overheard on the phone.

The skit came amid a break in David Holmes’s impeachment testimony Thursday. The career foreign service officer echoed his previous closed-door testimony Nov. 15 that he overheard Trump during a phone call with Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union. Holmes said the overheard conversation was about Ukraine conducting an investigation.

Trump tweeted Wednesday that he has “great” hearing, but has never been able to overhear a phone conversation that he wasn’t on. The president suggested people “try it live!”

In an attempt to experiment with the president’s theory, Cuomo did just that.

“Can you just say hello? Mom?” Cuomo said after he got his mother on the phone. “She probably can’t hear me. Mom, can you hear me? Mom? Say hello to Dana Bash.” (RELATED: CNN’s Don Lemon Compares Trump To Hitler)

“Hi, Mrs. Cuomo. How are you?” Bash asked.

“It’s not on speaker phone. It’s regular phone. It’s two feet away from Dana — she can hear my mother,” Cuomo said.


“I can’t hear your mother, Chris. I’m sitting across the table!” another panelist said after Cuomo held the phone inches from Bash’s ear.

Cuomo pointed out that perhaps Bash couldn’t hear his mother because the call was “not on speaker phone.” Holmes testified that he overheard a phone call that was not on speaker phone, but that Trump was so loud he was able to hear him.

Despite apparently failing in the experiment, Cuomo claimed the test as a win, saying the president’s suggestion was just a distraction. Later in the segment, he admitted that other panelists didn’t like the experiment because it proved Trump’s point.

“They didn’t like my telephone demonstration either,” Cuomo said. “They think I made the president’s point for him and that’s okay. That’s legitimate.”

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