Matthew McConaughey Recalls A Time He Almost Died

(Credit: Youtube Screenshot Today https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=35&v=rnjdr7SRouc&feature=emb_logo)

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Actor Matthew McConaughey recently shared a near-death experience.

McConaughey spoke about the time he was almost bitten by a snake during an interview with the “Today” show.

“When I was here, I almost stepped on [a brown snake]. I should have been bitten,” McConaughey said about a time he was visiting Australia. “It was a bit dark. It went right through my legs and gave me bit of a scare.”

“My friend came over, and they caught it and said, ‘That’s a brown snake, mate… that could have really sucked,'” he added.

“That’s [why it’s] my favorite animal, because it didn’t bite me,” McConaughey quipped. (RELATED: Matthew McConaughey Joins Instagram With Epic Video)

The Eastern Brown Snake is considered the second-most venomous snake in the world, according to Live Science. A bite from the snake will most likely cause hemorrhage, cardiovascular collapse and cardiac arrest.

I literally do not know what I would have done if we had lost the cultural icon that is McConaughey. Especially if he had been taken down by a snake. I guess that could have been kind of cool, but still. McConaughey has so much more to give to the world that it would be devastating if he ever died this early.