Rugby Player’s Interview Might Just Be The Greatest One Ever

(Photo: Twitter Screenshot)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A Rugby player gave a sports interview of the ages as he talked about how the team was ready to “get back on the horse” and try again to win.

It all went down when Joe Marler with the Harlequins Rugby team gave an interview ahead of his team’s weekend battle against Bath, per a description shared on YouTube in a video posted Thursday. (RELATED: Canine Partner Of Murdered Officer Will Retire, Live With His Widow And Son)


“I wasn’t hurting as much as the lads who were out there,” Marler explained. “But I definitely felt it and I know how hard the boys have taken that. They will be disappointed with the account we put out.”

“But we have got another week to get back on the horse,” he added, and this is when the interview goes in a completely hilarious direction. (RELATED: Alex Trebek Announces He Was Diagnosed With Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer)

Marler continued, “And take that horse to the water and you can ask that horse you can say, ‘hey, horsey, do you want to have a drink or do you want to swim?”

“It’s up to that horse to then realize what he wants to do in his life,” the rugby player went on. “And, that horse, at the moment, wants to go out on Saturday he wants to clippity-clop all the way to The Stoop.”

“And he wants to say, ‘hello’ to those fans,” he added, keeping a completely straight face the entire time as he began to use a voice for the horse. “And he goes: ‘I’m sorry about the result last week, but I’m going to give a better performance here at home against bath.'”

Marler continued making a comment about how the horse was a “slightly Irish” horse. Then when pressed further by the reporter about if the player was looking forward to getting back on the horse himself, Marler replied, “I don’t like horses. I can’t ride.”

The clip posted on Twitter has already gone viral with more than 2 million views. It is truly the greatest sports interview we have ever seen and can’t stop watching. Good luck not laughing! Enjoy!