Shania Twain Calls Out Country Music Radio Stations For Not Playing Women’s Songs

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Country music star Shania Twain had a lot to say to radio stations who don’t play women’s music.

Twain, 54, talked about how she wants that to change moving forward, according to an interview published Thursday by USA Today.

“There’s a lot of good female talent out there, and they’ve been more vocal about the resistance at radio to include them more equally in airplay,” Twain said.

“I’m hoping that does start to make a change because there are many female artists with strong songs that belong in the Top 40 on country radio that are just not there,” she added.

She further explained that she thinks radio has become “very ageist as well.” (RELATED: Check Out The Best Photos Of Shania Twain On The Internet)

“I don’t hear Reba on the radio anymore,” she said. “I don’t hear Patty Loveless on the radio anymore. I don’t hear Shania Twain on the radio anymore in country! So that’s got to change, too.”

“Thankfully with technology, we do have other outlets of getting our music out there and radio isn’t the end all be all of somebody’s success today,” she continued. “But it’s very frustrating and it’s a disservice not only to the artist, but to the public, that they can’t turn on the radio and hear all the best music that’s being made right now.”

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When I found out that the CMA’s were celebrating women artists this year, I saw a wonderful opportunity to invite and inspire conversation about country music’s need to play more women artists on radio and playlistings. (Some of you big country fans may have heard of this problem over the past few years. 16% of the top 500 songs over the last 4 years (2014-2018) were women. 16% of the top 500!!!!! 16%!!!!) This is unacceptable.) What better and more womanly way to invite such conversation than with fashion that sends a message?! I knew I had to collaborate with artists who were strong supporters of equality across all platforms. @csiriano is an advocate and activist for equality across all lines and his work is always inclusive. He is an absolute ally. @am_nyc is an amazing NY Artist whose work celebrates women and who knows first hand the challenges of equality within the art space. The piece that they created for me is a beautiful celebration of women in country music as well as a call to action within the industry at large. I am honored to get to be here at the @cma celebrating other women in country music. We need the celebration and support of women to move into country radio and country play listing. We want our songs to be played and our stories to be heard.The more our songs are played, the more women get to hear their own stories, challenges and triumphs reflected. GlamFam: H&M @ashleydonovan Styling @hayley_atkin_ Jewels @davidyurman Special thanks @lauracitron for guiding my train

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Twain isn’t the only one pushing for women’s rights in the music industry.

Musician Jennifer Nettles walked the CMA red carpet last week wearing a cape with phrases like “Play our f**kin records. Please & Thank You” and “Equal Play.”