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Hey, MSNBC, Meet ANDREW Yang, The Guy Who’s Not Going On Your Network Until You Treat Him Right

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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In the iconic words of Aretha Franklin, that’s what Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is looking for from MSNBC, a network that has been treating him like a bad ex-boyfriend.

On Saturday, MSNBC requested Yang’s presence on the network.

Instead of being a lapdog and saying yes and licking their face, Yang, in so many words, gave the liberal news outlet his middle finger. And with that, he became the official honey badger of the 2020 race. He doesn’t give a crap.

“They think we need them. We don’t,” Yang tweeted pointedly.

Yang said he’d appear on MSNBC only if they apologize to him on air.

He publicly spelled out some ways in which MSNBC has mistreated him.

“They’ve omitted me from their graphics 12+ times, called me John Yang on air, and given me a fraction of the speaking time over 2 debates despite my polling higher than other candidates on stage,” he complained. “At some point you have to call it.”

The Mirror sought comment from a network spokesperson.

Yang is the poster child for blown off presidential candidates everywhere.

“The whole time we have gotten stronger,” he tweeted. “This is actually bad for MSNBC. It will only get worse after I make the next debates and keep rising in the polls. The people are smarter than MSNBC would like to think.”

Yeah. Just a little bit.