Talent Management CEO Calls Out Alex Rodriguez For Being A ‘Clout Chaser’

(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

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Former MLB player Alex Rodriguez was accused of being a “ruthless clout chaser” by a talent management CEO.

David Weintraub, President and CEO of DWE Entertainment, accused Rodriguez of “pretending” to be a financial adviser for a new CNBC reality show, but that he actually doesn’t know what he’s doing, according to a report published Monday by Page Six.

“Alex has gone above and beyond to fake and act his role as being a helper/investor/businessman on this show and has truly showed his true colors & disingenuous intentions to steal ideas & diminish people reputations & businesses through the confines of this program to better his own celebrity and pretend to be an expert in marketing and investing which he is not,” Weintraub claimed in a now-deleted Instagram post.

The post reportedly featured photos of Rodriguez, Weintraub, and “Baywatch” star Nicole Eggert on the set of the new CNBC show “Back in the Game.” (RELATED: Alex Rodriguez Says All Kylie Jenner Talked About At The Met Gala Is How Rich She Is)

Weintraub also claimed Rodriguez has been wearing an earpiece and taking notes on set because he has “no idea what he is talking about.”

Are we surprised that Rodriguez would get called a “ruthless clout chaser?” Not really after the whole Met Gala debacle where Rodriguez accused Kylie Jenner of only talking about herself the entire time. He had to walk back those comments after Jenner was like, wait that’s not what happened.

I hope he gets his shit together for the sake of fiancée Jennifer Lopez.