Crowd Cracks Up When Trump Engages Bail Bondsman Rally Attendee To Ask About Hunter Biden And ‘Sleepy Joe’

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A Sunrise, Florida rally crowd laughed when President Donald Trump asked an attendee what he did for a living, then pointed out that even a bail bondsman likely knows more about energy than Hunter Biden.

“If you want to see what corruption looks like, take a look no further than slow, sleepy Joe,” Trump told the rally crowd. “I don’t know what’s going on with Joe. When sleepy Joe was in charge of Ukraine policy, his son — I call him, where is he? Where’s Hunter? Where is he? What happened to Hunter? Where is Hunter?”

Trump pointed out the “millions and millions” of dollars the son of former Vice President Joe Biden made while on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma before asking a crowd member what business he was in.

“Do you know Hunter Biden?” Trump asked jokingly after a back and forth that clarified the man worked in bail bonds. “Do you know sleepy Joe? Bail bonds!” The crowd laughed and applauded.

“Did you ever work on energy before?” he asked the man. “You know more about energy — he said ‘no’ — You know more about energy than Hunter. You know much more.” (RELATED: Watch Joe Biden Lose His Cool When Reporter Asks About Ukraine Conflict Of Interest)

The president poked fun at Biden’s ability to make “millions and millions” after his father became vice president “despite being thrown out of the Navy.”