‘I Died’: Meghan McCain Recalls The Time Her Dad Outed Her Crush On Leonardo DiCaprio

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain reminisced Tuesday about the time her dad went public with her crush on actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

McCain was responding to a conversation on ABC’s “The View” about rapper T.I. and the recent revelation that he kept very close tabs on his daughter’s sexual health. (RELATED: Rapper T.I. Breaks Silence On Those Comments About His Daughter’s Virginity)

“The point I was going to make when this first became a topic, because this has been going on for a while, is that he didn’t have her permission to talk about her sexuality,” McCain began. “Honestly, it’s none of her dad’s business past 18 and I thought it was very strange and very like 1800s.”

McCain continued with a story about her father, saying, “My dad when I was 14 went on ‘Firing Line’ and talked about how I had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio and we actually have a clip of it. I have a point to this, I promise.”

Following a clip of the late Senator John McCain on “Firing Line,” McCain continued, “I died. I died. I was like, I can’t believe you would discuss the man I love, because I loved Leonardo DiCaprio. I was furious at him. 13, whatever. And this is not — he wasn’t talking about my hymen and gynecological stuff on TV. Let me just tell you, his daughter, I promise you, is going to have, whether they like it or not issues with it. If this is enough to have impact, Leonardo DiCaprio, right, and I did have — I no longer have a crush on him. Does that make sense?”

Whoopi Goldberg weighed in then, adding, “It makes perfect sense. The other thing before we go that I want to point out, if you’ve raised your daughter to be the woman you want her to be, you might exhibit a little more trust in her. That’s all I’m going to say.”