Nick Saban Says Auburn Is ‘Probably’ The ‘Best Team’ Alabama Has Played This Season

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Alabama football coach Nick Saban should be hooked up to a lie detector after a recent comment he made.

Ahead of the Iron Bowl against Auburn, the six-time national championship winning coach told the media that the Tigers are “probably” the “best team” the Crimson Tide have played all year. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Yes, Nick Saban wants you to believe the 8-3 Tigers are the most talented team Alabama has played during the 2019 campaign.

Below is a live reaction from myself and college football fans everywhere after reading this comment.

Does Nick Saban have amnesia? Did he forget about that little game against LSU the Crimson Tide played a couple weeks back?

If not, he might want to go back and watch the highlights. They’re plastered all over the internet, and incredibly easy to find.

I understand what Nick Saban is trying to do here. I really do. He’s trying to hype up the rivalry, and paint Auburn as a dominant team ahead of the Iron Bowl. He’s probably even trying to hedge a bit in case the Tide lose. That way he can point back to this comment and say he told everybody how good Auburn is as a team.

The Tigers might be solid, but they’re not anywhere near as good as LSU, who whipped Alabama. Do you know how I know this to be true?

Because the two teams played, and LSU won!

I respect Nick Saban, despite my hatred for the SEC. I really do. The man is a winner and he’s a legendary coach. That’s just a fact.

However, he’s also lying through his teeth here. The idea Auburn is more talented than LSU is laughable.

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